Friday, 22 June 2012

Visiting the Cradle of Human Rights Movement

international human rights organization , Atlanta
Human rights movement has achieved new heights in today’s world and everywhere you can see organizations involved in protecting the human rights. However, when it was in a premature stage, Atlanta, The capital city of Georgia State in US brought it up. The city also gave birth to the greatest humanist in the world Martin Luther King. Thus it has been known as the cradle of Human rights movement. My last visit to this city was to participate in one seminar conducted by an international human rights organization. The organizers have provided the plane tickets.  They might have tried to avail maximum airline discount and that may be the reason for getting a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Atlanta.

Presently, Atlanta is enjoying the status of a grown up business center and that is why it attracts many visitors daily. There are many flights to Atlanta from different parts of the world. Air Canada, Air Jamaica etc are also operating in this region. Being a sponsored program, the organizers have made all arrangements for our stay there. It was quite an unforgettable experience to stay there for over a fortnight in the company of people from different parts of the world. The first three days have passed with various discussions and symposiums etc. in the evening we went outside to enjoy the city life. The city has a strong incline towards music and other performing arts. The large number of venues for performing arts establishes this truth. We were lucky to participate in some of such events during the evening time.

After the first week of my arrival here our conference has been ended. The remaining days were used by us to learn more about the city. It has a significant place in the history of human rights movement and nobody, who is associated with such movements, can avoid visiting this city at least once in his or her life time.
High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Atlanta houses many museums and galleries also. High Museum of Art is considered the largest one in the region. There are several other museums also in the city like Museum of Design Atlanta and Atlanta contemporary Art Center etc are also attracting visitors in large numbers. There are many theaters also in the city which keeps the theater act live. We could see a good number of people crowded in front of the theater. This denotes that the people of this city are still interested in theatrical art forms.

Tourism also became an important source of income for this city. Besides many places of historical importance, various gardens and open parks are attracting large crowd. After the introduction of Cheap Flights to Atlanta, the number of visitors has increased in the near future. However, the government has developed the infrastructure to accommodate any huge crowd. The city is known for its hospitality also. There is nothing more to say about it as it is something that you should know by experiencing it.

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