Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Revisiting the Land of Dragon

Pudong, Shanghai, Fare Buzz
Pudong, Shanghai
China is another country that has always fascinated me with its mythology and magic. I have read a lot about Chinese Magic and in my childhood days I used to fear these black magicians from China. The picture of an old man flying on a long stick and performing witchcraft was kept on the wall of our drawing room. My mother used to tell me that the man will come and catch children if they did not eat properly or behave properly. When I got a chance to go to Shanghai on a business trip, all these incidents have scrolled in my mind. From the older days of black magic and astrology, the land of dragons have developed to an economical power and now almost all global brands have a strong presence there. At the same time various Chinese brands are also capturing the global market. No companies can avoid doing business with China in the present scenario and that is why our company also planned to start operation in China.
The influence of Dragon china

Though many airlines including China Airlines and Korean Air are operating flights to Shanghai, I had to search for the cheapest airline. The search for cheap airfare tickets stopped when I got a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Shanghai. I reached there as per my schedule and start the work assigned to me by the company. As it was the initial stage, I did not have to work hard. Thus I got enough time to visit various places of importance. The city has developed into a busy business center and a large number of skyscrapers were there to exhibit the richness of the city. The Shanghai port, one of the busiest ports in the world is also maintained well.
Shanghai Museum

There are many buildings in this city which tells us about the rich heritage of the Chinese architecture. Shanghai Grand Theater and Shanghai Oriental Art center are two such things. Here you have the facility to know more about the Chinese culture too. The music and dance shows conducted at various venues are showcasing the rich cultural heritage of China. Animals have intimate relation with Chinese astrology and culture too. The influence of Dragon is seen everywhere.
Shikumen Residences , Shanghai

However the unique feature of Shanghai culture is Shikumen Residences. Two or three storied structures have unique architecture and you can see a large number of such houses in this city. According to some experts, this architecture is not an indigenous one, but has a blend of western architecture with that of the traditional one.

The city will never let you feel bored at any moment of time. You can spend the day time in any of the museums and galleries and the evenings in any of the open parks. These parks are being used for many recreational activities also. Shanghai has become a hot destination for shopping too. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Shanghai by many airlines, the number of people used to come here for shopping has increased.

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