Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why Travel to Haiti Despite Travel Advisories

Like the proverbial phoenix, the small country of the Republic of Haiti is rising once again to reclaim its title as a tourist hot spot in the Caribbean. After the unforgettable earthquake that ravished Haiti in 2010, Haitians are now eager to welcome back to their shores tens of thousands of vacationers. Last year, several modern hotels were opened and more are being built especially in the country's capital Port-Au-Prince. if you are thinking of travelling to some Caribbean island destinations, you might want to consider travelling to Haiti for a relaxing vacation.

Watch For Haiti Advisory Updates

It is just unfortunate that other countries have issued negative "Haiti Travel Advice" to their residents beginning in the last quarter of last year. The United States, Canada and France were the first countries to issue travel advisories advising Americans, Canadians and the French from travelling to Haiti allegedly due to the high crime rate in the country, lack of adequate medical facilities as well as infrastructure, the presence of cholera and limited protection afforded by the police to tourists. While France renewed its "Haiti Travel Advice" on April 10th, Canada has not issued any such advisory as of April 18th. Instead, Canada merely advised their residents to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Haiti still due to high crime rates.

Despite the "Haiti Travel Advice" issued by the governments of the United States, Canada and France, there is no real danger when taking your vacation in Haiti. Crimes and demonstrations happen anywhere in the world and these unpleasant activities can be avoided if you are extra careful. So, if you want to have fun under the sun and enjoy unspoiled beaches, experience a diverse culture, or whet your artistic appetite with original art and impressive fortresses then what are you waiting for? Get on the phone with your travel agent and arrange to spend your vacation in Haiti.

The Haiti Carnival

Haiti boasts of holding the best Carnival, a post-Lent activity that is held in the Caribbeans. If you want to be part of the Haitian Carnival next year, make sure to book your travel as early as possible as most hotels are fully packed during Carnival time which usually happens in February. Aside from the Carnival event, you can visit Haiti anytime of the year but be mindful that August or September is hurricane season in these areas and you would not want to be in the middle of transport problems and mudslides on these months.
Things to do in Haiti varies from visiting national museums like the Musee du Pantheon National in Port-Au-Prince, to visiting old but stunning fortresses like the Marche de Fer and the Citadelle also in Port-au-Prince. Be amazed by the handiwork of Haitian artists at the Iron Market, a two-block bazaar, that features intricate arts and crafts as well as fruits and vegetables. You can also visit Jacmel, Haiti's handicraft capital that is home to skilled papier-mache artists. For those who want to have fun in the sun, sand and sea, you can enjoy all three at La Tortue, that boasts of 25 miles of white sand beach, recently voted as one of the top ten best in the Caribbean by the Caribbean Travel and Life magazine.

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