Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Few Tips Before You Head to Jamaica

Jamaica travel advice is important before you leave for the island. The best time to leave for Jamaica or to visit the Caribbean country is from the onset of October to the middle of December. At that time, the beautiful weather of the island is at its most glorious state while flight and hotel deals are very easy to find. In summer, the rates are not high but you could risk the fury of the hurricane season. From January all the way to March, the peak travel period to Jamaica begins and rooms could spike to USD 700 for one night or even more in some of the revered hotels.

Jamaica Travel: January - March

January through March is the period many people make their way to the shores of Jamaica, more so in the dying days of March to make the most of Spring Break. The hurricane season ends at that time while the temperatures allow for breezy moments and idyllic enjoyment of the island. To save some cash and avoid huge populations, the Jamaica travel advice is to refrain from planning vacation at this period of the year. However, in case you do, you will be in time for some key events such as the Jamaica Blues and Jazz Festival in Late January in the Montego Bay. The Bob Marley Week held in Kingston is usually in early February. At the same time, in Montego, the Bob Marley Birthday Bash takes place.

April to June

From April to June, the temperatures are on average between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, although the weather sometimes is rainy. The beaches and golf courses are a little quiet at this time while hotels offer wonderful perks to visit the country in spring. Some of the key events between April and June include the All-island carnival in early April and mid June's Ocho Rios Jazz Festival. 

Those who would like to save should consider that the room rates and flights are lowest at this time, although rain showers are on the increase and decrease in tourism make many of the big attractions as well as quality hotels to close shop for renovation purposes. One key event in late July is the Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.

October to December

Between October and December, the hurricane season around the Caribbean seemingly tapers off. The skies open up to give a lot of sun with average temperatures ranging around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. To make the most of this time, the advice is to plan your vacation at this time right before the onset of mid-December when real holiday rush starts and everything becomes expensive.

Jamaica is a place worth visiting when you have the time, for many reasons. The Blue Mountains boast as the place where the best coffee in the world can be found, with a factory more than a century old around Marvis Bank. Nonetheless, the world class reefs will open your eyes to Jamaica. They are ideal for diving, such as those around Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay.

Apart from unforgettable sunsets,the island provides a lot of varieties with distinct vacations, such as wetlands holding endangered species of manatees and crocodiles, cosmopolitan cities, pristine waterfalls, amiable fishing villages and hiking tours among others.
Also consider staying at one of the all-inclusive Jamaican resorts if you really want to take in your vacation like a rockstar.

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