Friday, 20 May 2011

See Sydney’s Spectacular Opera House

Sydney, one of the most largest and populous city of Australia, is known to the world for its magnificent Opera House. Tourists on a leisure or business trip travel through international airlines to Sydney to see this marvelous building.

The most remarkable images of the modern world, Sydney Opera House represent Australia just in the same way as the mysterious Pyramids of Egypt. One of the most distinctive buildings and the centre of performing arts, Sydney Opera House, was built by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who also received the Pritzker Prize, the highest honor for architecture. The domestic tourists travel through reasonably priced or cheap domestic flights that are equipped with business class seats and proudly treasure this masterpiece.

An expression of the modern architecture, the Opera House comprises of a series of large precast concrete shells that interlock to form a distinctive roof structure. It is believed the design solution and construction of the shells was one of the most difficult tasks and it took almost eight years to complete. The roof is surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses. Tourists from across the world travel with perpetual zeal through international air line flights to see this magnificent site.

The glass curtain walls of the foyer spaces and the tiled shells project a great picturesque to all the tourists who visit Sydney. The exterior part of the building is largely clad with aggregate panels that are made up of pink granite. However, the building has undergone some alterations where a new Colonnade at the western end was added. The architects from the world over travel trough business class air flights to Sydney to see this master art.

The interior of the Opera House is designed in a unique manner and comprise two main halls that are arranged side by side generally running north-south. Among the two halls the Concert Hall is located within the western group shells. The Opera Theatre is located at the eastern side of the building. Domestic and foreign tourists travel through business flights and coach class air flights to view the plays and other performing art activities, which takes place at this wonderful venue.

The Opera House podium comprises of small venues such as Drama Theatre, the Playhouse, and The Studio, where several cultural programs are organized. The art lovers from the world over often buy airline tickets to Sydney well in advance to enjoy the live performances of plays, orchestras, jazz, dance, cultural and performing arts. The premises of the Opera House are also used for other official conferences, ceremonies, and social functions.

Although built in a short span of time, Sydney Opera House has earned a reputation of a prominent performing arts centre. To view this spectacular architectural masterpiece you may book your air travel with Fare Buzz, one of the leading travel companies of United States that specializes in cheap business class air tickets and also offer cheap flight deals to Sydney and other world tourist destinations.

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