Monday, 7 April 2014

Backpacking in Colombia can be so much FUN!

If you meet someone who has recently traveled South America, you should ask him which the best country to travel in South America is. 9 out of 10 people will tell you that it is Colombia!

Why Colombia is a popular travel destination among backpackers though it still remains a mystery.  So, what is it that the backpackers love most about Colombia? Is it food, nightlife, beaches, or something else?

Food in Colombia
Let’s start with food. In Colombia, you will get to taste a great variety of street food. The street vendors here will offer you hot dogs, hamburgers, empanadas, pizza etc. to keep your taste buds active. The street vendors in Colombia are more like small mobile restaurants. They have everything; starting from cooking plates, utensils, gas bottles, drinks fridge and plastic chairs. You would have never imagined that eating on the side of a very busy road can be this much fun! The whole experience of trying out street snacks in Colombia is so much fun that you would want to do it again and again.

South America is filled with colonial cities; Cartagena though is quite unique amongst them. You will find old forts here and a city wall with canons so as to protect it from the enemies. As you go inside the city wall, you will find colorful colonial buildings the beauty of which can simply not be matched. The biggest fortress in Cartagena is Castillo de San Felipe, which took almost 100 years to build. Tunnels were made in this area to bring in the supplies needed for the construction of the fort.

If you are in Cartagena, it would be a great idea to also check out Palace of Inquisition. It’s a museum from 18th century and features interrogation methods and torture instruments which were used to determine witchcraft back in the day. November is the time for Cartagena’s annual fest. You just got to be here at the time of the festival as the city is filled with vibrating energy. It’s time to party in Cartagena for the travelers while locals indulge themselves in by spraying shaving foam on them.

It is to note that in some parts of Colombia travelers really need to be careful; however, if you are cautious while traveling Colombia, you will soon find it quite safe there. When it comes to Medellin, a lot of people would refer it as the dangerous city of Colombia, but if you visit it you will find it one of the most fascinating parts of Colombia. You would be stunned to know that in the year 2012 The Wall Street Journal ran a competition in which Medellin was awarded as the world’s most innovative city award.

Overall, backpacking in Colombia can be so much fun if you remain a little cautious. You should visit the country with an open heart and it will give you memories that you won’t forget for a lifetime.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

When Might you Need a Professional Chauffeur Service in London?

When it comes to choosing a professional Chauffeur service in London, it has plenty of options. But when does a chauffeur service offer the biggest advantages over public transport or a taxi? While a professional chauffeur service can be a boon on any journey through the capital, there are a few occasions when the advantages may be at their greatest.

Making Peak Time Journeys

Many people will find their working day doesn't always end when rush hour begins, especially if they have a particular offsite event to get to. Travelling through London at peak times is never easy, but with a professional chauffeur service in London, journeys can seem a lot more manageable than other options.

Driving for yourself is stressful, public transport is packed, and taxis are in demand and finding one that can reliably make your journey may prove difficult. A chauffeur service, on the other hand, will allow you to travel in maximum comfort and relax while in transit. On top of that, to a professional driver with chauffeur driving experience it will be familiar.

Though rush hour traffic will always present difficulties, a professional chauffeur service will minimise any delays and help you be sure you are in safe hands.

Repeated Journeys

On a busy day when you have multiple meetings on different sites, you may find you need to make repeated journeys through the capital. Without the help of a chauffeur service in London, travel can be difficult when you have to make repeated journeys in quick succession. Public transport can be unreliable, and a single delay can cause a domino effect on the rest of your day.

A taxi is better, but a chauffeur service offers the same convenience with much greater comfort. This is important, because repeatedly travelling from place to place can be a rushed and exhausting experience, and this can affect your work performance. Using a chauffeur service becomes much more comfortable thanks to the spacious, luxurious vehicles used. This means that instead of being an uncomfortable rush, each journey gives you a chance to relax and recover before getting to your next destination.

Important Meetings With Other Businesses

Using a chauffeur service travel becomes comfortable and easy. But there are other advantages besides the purely practical. Using a chauffeur service for transport will create a strong, positive impression on other businesses you work with – or ones you are hoping to work with.

Arriving in a practical, comfortable, high-class car driven by a professional chauffeur will look far more impressive and professional than emerging from the back of a taxi. As professional chauffeurs are well-versed in the difficulties of London driving, it will also help minimise the danger of arriving late.

Alternatively, if somebody from another business is coming to meet with you, providing a chauffeur to take them to you from their office or the station will also be a great way to impress them.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Comparison Between The City of Love "Paris" and The Eternal City "Rome

Coste Adeje

For a serene holiday without the typical hustle and bustle of tourist destinations, Costa Adeje is the perfect location. Away from the overcrowded resorts of the Canary Islands, this area just south of Tenerife boasts unspoilt natural beauty and flourishing traditions. This part of the island welcomes tourists with open arms to join in the merriment throughout the day until sunset.

An area of magnificent beauty, Costa Adeje has some of the most beautiful clean beaches in the area, with plenty of fantastic scenery to take in whilst sunbathing on the pure sand. Steep, green slopes adorn the area, decked with magical forests and miles of greenery, producing a picturesque area to explore and admire. The rocky terrains are a challenging tour, offering an alternative thrilling hike to the usual rolling hills and flat beaches. Quiet, relaxing apartments line the coastline for a week of indulgence and chilled out isolation from the brash reputations of Tenerife’s notorious south-western resorts. Otherwise, there are plenty of high quality hotels available for a somewhat livelier atmosphere filled with fellow holidaymakers and local entertainment.

Beach volleyball is a daily activity along the sandy coastline of Costa Adeje, as well as fishing and snorkelling trips running regularly for an exciting day at sea. The sparkling blue sea entices many a holidaymaker to swim and bathe in its warm waters while boat races and windsurfing carries on alongside. For more ideas on what to do in the area see lowcostholidays.

Night time in Costa Adeje caters to all types of holidaymakers: Spanish tavernas are widely located across the centre of the resort, cooking up some fantastic traditional tapas and locally sourced seafood dishes to tempt the palate. Following the traditional theme, holidaymakers can watch live shows, concerts and join in games along the streets of the city centre. Otherwise, there are plenty of bars and restaurants open until the small hours, offering refreshing cocktails and some wonderful wines to enjoy whilst taking in the merry Spanish atmosphere adorning the cities’ quaint streets.

If you find yourself relaxing a bit too much, the lively resorts of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos are only a bus trip away. Packed with loud, brash nightclubs and busy and bustling bars, these resorts are the place to be seen for those wanting to indulge in a little hedonism on their Tenerife holiday.

Costa Adeje is the perfect resort for those wanting to relax in the beautiful Spanish sunshine, away from the party lifestyles of nearby resorts, whilst being close enough to dip in and out of the night scene as you wish.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

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