Friday, 17 May 2013

Make your next Holiday an Adventure on the Open Seas

When we think of a holiday aboard a boat, many of us imagine those gigantic sleek white yachts seen in music videos or captained by millionaires on television. The notion of cruising on a yacht may seem reserved for only the super-rich, so you may be surprised to learn that this option is readily accessible to many families.

Sailing yachts can be chartered in a wide range of destinations- practically anywhere in the world! There is truly no better way to experience the essence of the sea than by living it day and night. The fresh salty air and gentle rocking of the waves can be highly therapeutic, offering that feeling of genuine revitalization when you return from holiday.

Here are a few more reasons why sailing is a great option for your next getaway.

Everyone Together

When you plan a family or group escape, you’re often looking to spend quality time with the people you care about most. Perhaps you’re looking to get away from a hectic family schedule, or catch up with friends or relatives who live far away.

Aboard a yacht you’ll have the luxury of spending uninterrupted days together, and exploring new things. This is truly the way to create lasting memories and take unforgettable photographs. Plus, you’ll have accommodations sorted- aside from the time before you set off and the night after you return the yacht, there will be no hotel rooms to book. The yacht is your home while you’re on it.

Sailing is suitable for travellers of all ages, meaning you can set off with children and elderly relatives with confidence.

Do Something Different

It may be easy to simply go online and book a holiday in a popular destination, but when you do so you’re relegated to the same scenery and same routine the entire time. Staying in one place also makes it a bit difficult to really get a feel for the culture and surroundings of the place you’re visiting. If you look to go to more than one place, you’ll have to contemplate getting there by car, train or other transportation- this can be especially difficult when travelling with kids.

So this year, why not do something a bit different? Set off on a yacht and experience the true beauty of any maritime destination, with majestic views of the infinite blue horizon and pretty coastlines viewed from the water.

Simple and Cost Effective

Chartering a yacht is actually much easier than many people may believe. Those with no sailing experience can do what is called a skippered charter, where a skipper and crew are included. People with some sailing experience can take off on a flotilla charter, in which you sail in a group and support is available. And for confident sailors with certification, bareboat charters are available.

All that remains is to choose the right destination and boat for the adventure! Find out more about all options and enjoy excellent rates.

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