Friday, 17 May 2013

Slowing it Down in Europe

Have you ever visited Europe and come home only to feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? For one reason or another, the hustle and bustle of the continent’s great cities can really take their toll. This might be well and good for backpackers in their twenties, but when it comes to travelling with the family, most people want their vacation to include a good amount of relaxation as well.

Travel by canal boat is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason: it allows families to glide along at a slow pace and enjoy the great outdoors, taking in incredible scenery and stopping at pretty villages along the way. This makes a great balance to a busy schedule of city-hopping. You can plan to spend your entire vacation aboard a canal boat or rent one for just part of the time.

The undeniable attraction of Europe’s historic sites and beautiful cultures will always draw travellers from overseas, and thankfully there is another way to absorb the charm of countries like France, Holland and Italy.

Canal boats are easy to maneuver and require no special certification. They cruise along at a maximum of 4km per hour- it can take moment to get used to this slower form of travel but once you do, you’ll begin to experience true relaxation!

Boating in Europe is great for all ages, so you can plan to bring kids and elderly relatives along for the ride. There are no waves to contend with, just smooth canals- these rivers and waterways form a virtual highway through Europe. They continue to be an important means of transportation but are now also used for glorious leisure pursuits as well.

Just choose your destination- are looking to cruise through a sunny Mediterranean destination or do you prefer the romance of the misty green landscapes of the north? Perhaps you’d like to visit the wine country of France and sample incredible cuisine along the way.

Canals flow through just about any place that attracts tourists and many that don’t! The beauty of setting off on a boat is that you’re often able to beat the crowds and high prices of the big cities. Stroll through charming village squares and stop off at waterside restaurants and pubs.

You can also plan to prepare meals on board- canal boats have full kitchens for making anything from a light snack to a full dinner. Shop for regional ingredients and fresh produce along the way. You’ll also have hot showers, flushing toilets and comfortable berths for sleeping.

Perhaps best of all, canal boating is surprisingly affordable. Check out these special offers on cruises from the largest tour operators.

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