Monday, 18 June 2012

More Than Bullfight and Football

Whenever we hear about Madrid the first thing that comes to our mind will be bullfight and the second thing will be the famous football club Real Madrid. Even I have the same feeling till I visited the city recently. It was a business trip. After taking the details of all cheap internationals flights I have taken tickets in one of the cheap flights to Madrid. This city has become one of the most visited cities in the world and one of the leading business centers in Europe. Hence almost all known international airlines like British Airways and Air Canada etc are operating flights to Madrid. After reaching the city, the first two three days I had hectic schedule and hence I could not visit any places in the city. After a long discussions and negotiations, I have finished my task successfully and I got some free time from the next day onwards.

I spent a full day watching bull fight. Fortunately, I happened to be there during Fiesta San Isidro. This is the biggest festival of the city and this the best occasion to know the culture of the city. As cheap tickets to Madrid are available, a large number of foreigners are also coming to participate in this week-long festival. During this period a number of different cultural programs will be held at different venues in the city and people will participate in these programs. A number of other activities like funny games etc also will be held during this period to attract a large number of crowds.

Food and beverages contributes a lot to the culture of the city and almost all festivals are closely related to dining in restaurants. El Gorodo is the largest lottery in the world that has been celebrated during Christmas every year. It has its own rules and traditions and the winning number will be announced in every bars and restaurants. This announcement itself has a specialty as it has been announced by singing and only children are entitled to sing the song of numbers in bars and restaurants. The people who are winning will burst into tears of joy and enjoy the occasion by sharing their food and beverages with others.

Madrid has a rich cultural heritage and various museums really showcase this rich heritage. It also exhibits the creations by modern day artists and it is really worth visiting the museums of Madrid when you are there.

Though the bullfight and the Football are considered the symbols of Madrid by the outsiders, the denizens have various other things to enjoy. Music is one such thing and there are many venues for performing arts in the city. I could attend one music event and it continued pass midnight with the audience dancing to the tune of the drum beats.

When I returned from the city, I really felt that I have not enjoyed the city and its culture fully. As airline tickets are available I have already planned to go to Madrid on a personal tour.

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