Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Lisbon Tour

Pena National Palace, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal has become one of the most developed cities in the Western Europe. Hence many global giants preferred to start operation there and our company was also of no difference. When I went to the city last time, the purpose of my tour was to conduct a survey and find out the chances for our company there. As in the case of any other official trip, our staff members who are taking care about the arrangements of tours have done all exercises like collecting details about airfares and bargaining for cheap flight tickets. This helped me to fly in one of the cheap flights to Lisbon on the decided day without much problem.

The first few days were busy days with hectic consultations with many people. It included discussion with certain dealers who were dealing in similar products and also with some prospective customers. As the discussions went through till dinner I did not get enough time for sightseeing. Once after the discussions and meetings are over I got a bit of relief and I used that time for sightseeing trips.

Being a business centre and also a tourist spot almost all major airlines such as British Airways and Air France are operating flights to Lisbon. This brings a good number of visitors’ everyday and the city has enough infrastructure facilities to accommodate this crowd. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Lisbon, the number of visitors has increased enormously.
  Tagus River,Portugal
Monsanto Forest Park

The main attraction here is the monument of Christ the King on the banks of Tagus River. After visiting this monument and spending some time there I went to visit the Monsanto Forest Park. This park is providing facilities for recreation and people of any age group can select the most suitable one according to their choices.

Alcantara is the main suburb of the city with a lot of shopping malls. I did a good shopping there. The pubs and restaurants here attract the youth and I too visited a bar to enjoy the life over there. With band and music the life inside the bar was lively. I have seen many youngsters dancing to the tune of fast music there.

Alfama is another attraction for the tourists. The district on the hilltop offers a great chance for nature tourism. With attractive natural sceneries and healthy weather the tourists can enjoy the nature here.

As I had to return after completing my work in hurry, I could not visit many other places. I am planning to go there once again. Anyway, our branch office has started there and now I will get more chances to visit the city again and again.

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