Wednesday, 22 April 2015

5 Amazing Beaches in Thailand you have to See

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations at present. For more reasons than one this place is a revelation. There is a long history of an independent country that preserved its independence while surrounding areas have fallen to Colonialism. A predominantly Buddhist nation that is friendly and welcoming and that is the winning slogan when one wants to invite more visitors in the modern world. Finally the most idyllic beaches that exist on our Planet with the whitest sand and clearest water, so welcoming they are many visitors return over and over each year.

Railay beach :
Railay (Rai Leh) Beach in the vicinity of the city of Krabi is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The beauty of this place is that it is fairly remote and can be reached only by boat. The limestone cliffs behind it are a true Paradise for rock climbers. The accommodation is plentiful and caters for all budgets, from bungalows to luxury villas. If one wants to describe it best a relaxing place with clean environment will identify Railay.

Phra Nang Beach
Phra Nang Beach is also very close to  Krabi , the whole area as a matter of fact is full of exciting beaches. Again the description that one person uses ‘clear green water and the early morning swim is a healing ritual for a person’, it heals both body and spirit, and this will certainly be a common description. It is also a beach that is quite safe for small children so parents with children will frequent it. Sometime it can be quite busy here. A visitor can also reach it by boat from Ao-Nang.

Maenam Beach
Maenam Beach, is in a different place, this time Ko Samui Island, another Thai Paradise (there are many so here I will mention just a few!) Maenam caters for the backpackers, and that is a growing tourism industry. It is affordable and set in a very attractive area. The fan bungalow is cheap and popular. But there are also 5star resorts that will attract the ones will much deeper ‘pockets’.

Bophut Beach
Bophut Beach, also nestled in the northern part of Ko Samui will be a desired destination for lots. This beach was ‘created’ in order to define leisurely vacations. The contrast of white sand and turquoise waters attracts all the oohhss and aahhhhsss. There are lots of activities that one can practice: swimming, sailing, snorkeling, diving, ski-jetting, deep sea fishing, canoeing and many more. And then there is famous Thai massage on the beach. When the Sun sets, the beach is full of groups of happy tourists having dinner! It is one of the most popular things to do and the best way to wind up the day full of memorable and exciting activities. Accommodation is very comfortable and everything built here ‘blends’ with the environment.

Laem Tong Beach
Time for Laem Tong Beach, situated on the island of Phi Phi, northern part of the island. And again the only access to the rest of Phi Phi is by boat which means that the place is quite remote and pristine. Right of the beach are three small Islands which are famous for snorkeling and diving, and that is one of the major attractions here.

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