Monday, 1 July 2013

5 Things to Know to Enjoy an All Inclusive Resort

While you may think an all-inclusive is “All-Inclusive” you may need to think again.  If you are planning on trying a new vacation or interested in finding a new resort, this list may be helpful to make your decision.  Each all-inclusive is not created equal. 

I have been have been a guest to 2 all-inclusive resorts, many hotels, and 10 cruises.  I love to vacation.  The 19 countries including:   United States, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, England, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Italy, Vatican City, and Republic of Krabati a small island off of Hawaii.

I love to view other cultures, includes the people who are on a similar vacation with me.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and family in a different environment.  The place is not always important but it is the people you get to share your experiences with. 

1. Time of Year

Check online to view how busy the resort you are interested that time of year.  Busy season? Off Season? Are there more bugs that time of year?

2. Weather

What temperature do you prefer on your vacation?  Is 78 degree Fahrenheit perfect for you or 85?

3. Room Type

There are many different room types.  Some may be in your price range while others are not. The least expensive rooms that I have stayed in have a bed room/sitting room, bathroom with a shower, and a balcony with two chairs.  Some all-inclusive resorts near the ocean may not have any ocean view rooms. 

4. Bathrooms

Do you need a shower and a tub in your bathroom? Older hotels may have older bathrooms.  Even when they are redone, they show their age with fans and vents.

5. Sectioning

The same resort may have different price ranges at the same resort.  You may only be able to use certain pools, parts of the beach, and dine at certain restaurants. 

At most all-inclusive resorts they have you wear a wrist band.  This tells the workers that you are a guest and your privileges at the resort.  I personally don’t like wearing this all week. 

To read more tips please purchase the book 50 Things to Know to Enjoy an All-Inclusive resort  by author Lisa Rusczyk who is the author of many 50 Things to Know Books.

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