Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Move to Australia with These 5 In-Demand Professions

For a long time the attraction of moving to Australia was based around gorgeous sunshine, barbecues on sandy beaches and the unique laid-back culture. Nowadays more and more people are tempted down under by the chance to make their fortune in one of the many booming industries that recruit from abroad. Skilled migration is big business, and if you have the qualities and experience that employers crave then you could find yourself a dream job awaiting you in this new land of opportunity.

Here are five roles which offer migrants the best chance at starting a new path in Australia...

Sales representatives – Supposedly one of the hardest jobs to fill in the entire Asia-Pacific region, experienced sales representatives have skills which are highly regarded by many Australian businesses. The best sales reps are superb communicators and have the innate ability to market the products of their clients. From IT to pharmaceuticals, several industries down under are seeking canny salespeople from all over the world to add to their ranks.

Nursing – A registered nurse will have graduated from a college or university program and passed a final nursing exam. They’re sought-after in many countries but Australia has perhaps opened its arms the widest to greet this influx of healthcare workers; the country has experienced a well-documented shortage that has made looking overseas a necessity. Since nurses are in such high demand they are often able to get their visa processed very quickly, but they might be asked to work in rural inland areas where demand is greatest.

Mining and construction – These overlapping sectors have enjoyed a boom period which has seen migrants from all over the world over scrambling to gain a slice of the pie. Landing a mining job such as an engineer, geologist, welder or electrician can mean a ticket to a sky-high salary and numerous work-related benefits. There are of course many people needed to operate the machinery too. Truck drivers have been in short supply, so undertake some truck driver training if you want a quick entry route.

Financial services – Accountants and financial experts are also highly sought-after down under. Major cities such as Brisbane, Perth and Sydney are hubs for financial services and other firms who need in-house accountancy staff. Even mining firms can offer these kinds of positions to the right applicants. The rewards on offer can make the cost of relocating nearly insignificant, but the bar is set fairly high in terms of experience.

IT – Just like the financial industry, IT in Australia is big business and offers ample opportunities for applicants from abroad to join in. Those who are adept with web design and development are often welcomed as well as those with knowledge of modern SEO and digital marketing practices. Software development and engineering is one of the most lucrative niches and is increasingly filled by migrant workers with strong programming capabilities.

So what are you waiting for? If you meet the requirements for any of these roles then start the application process today and experience all that Australia has to offer.

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