Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Brussels –The City of Tales and Waffles

Brussels, defined as ‘A Home in the Marsh’ by the Dutch-speaking community, legally stands as the capital of Belgium with a population of less than 1.5 million. Historical resources, architectural obsession, cultural and educational breathings, music, opera, green spaces and mouth-watering cuisines including the famous Brussels waffles have made this large city a courteous destination for holidays with family and friends. 

Geography and Climate

Located in northern Belgium encompassed by France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, and attributed with a coast facing the North Sea connecting the United Kingdom, the city is quite accessible by air, train, bus, car and even ferry. Brussels, situated between France and the Netherlands, has flat coastal plains in the northwest and topographically very uneven mountains in the southeast. Explore for cheap plane tickets and take the earliest flights to Brussels to visit this amazing place.

Owing to the coastal location, oceanic climate prevailing in Brussels gives rise to marine air masses from the Atlantic Ocean, causing plentiful rain every year. Overall, the climate that perfects the so-called ‘Home in the Marsh’ is endowed with cool, rainy, humid and cloudy summer in contrast with temperate mild winters. Snowfall doesn’t take place here at all. When you want to visit this picturesque city, cheap flights to Brussels are always available and you can take one whenever you want to come down here.

Art and Architecture

In spite of linguistic tensions between the Dutch-speaking people and the native French-speakers, the city of Brussels holds its own charm. It encompasses within itself an excellent blend of medieval and modern architecture owning proud possession of Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Gothic town hall in the old centre, the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral and the Laken Castle with its large greenhouses. Besides, the Royal Palace is another famous landmark. ‘The Manneken Pis’, a bronze fountain of a small urinating boy, claims the symbol of the city. Walls painted with large artistic work of comic book characters known as ‘Brussels' Comic Book Route’ is a unifying idea reflecting recurrent element in art. In Brussels, you find each building and monument has its own unparalleled story and historical implication. If you are planning to buy cheap tickets to Brussels to see this incredible city then it is always better to compare airline prices.

Outdoor social gathering

Strolling leisurely through the parks, flowery gardens and by the tranquil lakes in Brussels is a healthy idea. A visit to the zoo can make the animal lovers exclusively feel happy. Take first available flights to Brussels to take part in the various activities and exhibitions held in the large grounds located in the north-west side of the city which is sure to invite your interest.
Events and Festivals

In Brussels, you can join ‘Marathon’, an annual event held in autumn for those who are fit for running a challenging but scenic length of 42 km at a stretch.  Annual legendary festival ‘Ommegang’ shows you the colours of life. Feasts and festivals is a part of life in Brussels. Explore cheap flights to Brussels with Fare Buzz and make big savings on your airline tickets.

Cuisines and Hotels

Look out for cheap flight deals and experience the percolating distinctiveness of Brussels Waffles, Fried Mussels and Beer that gives Brussels a separate identity and its exclusive cuisines as well. You can try out some fresh, hot and yummy waffles coated with cream and soft fruits sold on streets in the tourist areas. French, Italian and Belgian cuisines are also popular. You have a wide choice of hotels and apartments to suit your budget and favourite location. A wide ambit of musical shows on cozy dim stage at a club and a bit of nightlife in every bar is there for you in Brussels.


The Brussels Airport and the Brussels South Charleroi Airport handle several international airlines that provide Brussels with a better connectivity. The Brussels-Scheldt Maritime Canal and the Brussels-Charleroi Canal serve the city’s water transportation. The city is also endowed with well-connected bus and tram network.

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