Monday, 27 June 2011

Underexposed Tricks Of Booking Cheap Air Tickets

While most tips about booking cheap air tickets point you to book early and stay flexible with dates, booking cheap flight deals has many other tricks as well. From travel sites to bucket shops, options are in plenty.

If you have been searching for cheap air tickets and have not been able to find attractive deals, there is a possibility that you have not looked at the right sites, places and shops.

From online travel sites to neighborhood bucket shops, there are many options to find attractive air tickets and hotel deals. You just need to find the right ones at the right place.

Let’s have a look at the possible options:

*Large travel players: Internet is flooded with the big daddies of travel products. All you need to do is search a little and you will have many travel options to book air tickets from. Since big travel sites are in a better situation to negotiate deals with air lines and hotels, you get access to discounted rates without any real leg work.

*Student and Budget Specialists: There are many travel sites dedicated to students and budget travelers. These sites offer deep discounts on air tickets around the year. While a few might need student identification, there are other sites, which offer budget travel products for a wider audience that just students.

*Bucket shops: These are shops based in strategic location for airlines. Due to their location, airlines offer them special rates; expecting better occupancy. Depending on what audience they serve, bucket shops can be classified as domestic, ethnic and foreign bucket shops. If you are travelling back to your country or looking to book tickets in a foreign land, you might search for these bucket shops and book some attractive deals.

While the, aforementioned, tricks do work well, don’t forget the conventional ways as well. Stay flexible with dates and be ready for being ‘bumped’. Bumping often gets you free stays, air flights and more. In fact, savvy frequent fliers often use bumping to get free rides and if luck works out, they get lucky with the same schedule as well. Other ways include using the frequent flyers miles to redeem for tickets and other travel products.

You can also do well by staying alert for the promotional offers run by different airlines by either enrolling yourself for their RSS feeds or newsletters. Make sure that their email ids are marked in the safe sender list so that you do not miss an attractive offer.

Many travel sites also offer reward points that redeem your purchases into dollar amount and in a way offer discounts on the tickets. Check about this with the site of your choice while booking cheap air tickets and save some extra cash!

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