Friday, 6 February 2015

Amazing places to visit in Thailand

In this article, we’ve talked about several reasons to move to Thailand. If the article in question tickled your imagination, you’d probably like to know more about this enchanting country. Is it really as enchanting as it seems to be? Read on and see for yourself.

First stop – Bangkok
Bangkok, “the city of nine gems” as stated in its full name is the capital city of Thailand and an amazing tourist destination you must see when you first visit this country. From modern architecture to traditional markets and temples, this 8-million city seems to have it all.
If you like clubbing and a dynamic nightlife is an important part of your life, you’ll be amazed by Bangkok. There are entire sub-districts famous for the amazing nightlife, and there’s a wide variety of clubs and cafes. From jazz cabarets to dance music, from luxurious restaurants to night clubs open till dawn, it seems that there’s something for everyone in this city.

But what if you’re not into nightlife? What if you don’t feel like traveling across the world to drink the same drinks and listen to the same songs you did back home? What if you feel that travel should serve a different purpose and you want to discover a new culture, a new way of life?

If that is the case, Bangkok has a lot to offer as well. First, let’s take a look at Wat Pho. This is a Buddhist temple located in Bangkok, famous for its “reclining Buddha.” Once the image of a Buddha statue comes to mind, many people tend to imagine Buddha sitting in lotus position. In Wat Pho however, we can see a different picture: a statue of Buddha lying down. This sculpture is 43 meters long and 15 meters high. At first glance, it may seem unusual, but it is an important image of the Buddhist religion and it can be seen in several predominantly Buddhist countries, like Cambodia and Sri Lanka – and, of course, Thailand. Why is Buddha lying down, you may wonder? This has a lot to do with Buddhist teachings – it is a reminder of Buddha’s last illness, prior to his “Nirvana-after-death”. If you are interested in exploring cultural and religious heritage of a country you visit, Wat Pho will be a place you’ll never forget.

If, on the other hand, you want to get out and mingle, if your goal is to feel the everyday life of the local population, what better place to visit than a market? And not just any market – we’re talking about Chatuchak market, a trademark of Bangkok. This giant market with over 5000 shops is a place where you can buy literally everything: from souvenirs for your loved ones to toys, shoes, clothes, jewelry and fabric. And if you get hungry while you’re here, no need to worry, because in the Chatuchak market you can even find food stands where you can buy the delicious Thai fast food. The lanterns you see in this picture are just an added bonus, to make sure you never forget the amazing visit to Chatuchak market. 

Where should we go next?
After you experience the vibrant life of the capital city, you should get some rest as well. What better place to get some rest than an island surrounded by the beautiful blue sea? One of the most amazing islands in Thailand is Koh Samui, located in the south. While Bangkok offers a vibrant face of Thailand’s culture, in Koh Samui you’ll enjoy all those traditional characteristics of Thailand you fell in love with, but you’ll get to do it in a peaceful manner. It is here where you’ll understand why so many people from all over the world decided to leave their lives behind and came to live in Thailand.

If you grew fond of those amazing Buddha statues, Koh Samui may be the perfect place for you. First, there’s the famous Big Buddha. If you visit the Big Buddha statue, you’ll probably feel like a part of you will stay here forever – and in that case, you may want to buy a roof tile here, write your message on it, and leave it in the temple. Isn’t that an amazing way to symbolize your connection to this place? And if you prefer a secluded area full of Buddha statues, make sure to visit the Secret Buddha Garden, hidden deep in the heart of the island.

Even if you decide that you had enough of sightseeing and you feel like relaxing on the beach, Koh Samui is the right place for you. Amazing beaches are everywhere, all you’ll have to do is just pick one – or pick a new one every day. Since it’s almost always sunny and the climate is mild, every day can be a perfect day for swimming or taking a walk on the beach.

As you can see, Thailand is indeed an enchanting country. There are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand, and no matter what kind of travel you may prefer, you will surely have the holiday of your dreams if you come here.

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