Thursday, 22 January 2015

5 Reasons to Move to Thailand

Thailand is one of the places that tourists love to visit. It is amazing and interesting and it’s really exotic. However, when it is so perfect and lovely, why not choosing to go there and stay there forever? This is probably the question that a lot of those tourists ask themselves as their plane leaves the Thailand soil. Well, to add to those thoughts, here are the five things that should definitely inspire you to move there for good.

It is simply perfect. Thailand has an amazing climate and you can definitely get used to it. The average temperature throughout the entire year is somewhere just below the 30 degree Celsius. The climate has three major seasons, the hot one, the cool one and the rainy season which lasts from June to October. The humidity is high in Thailand, but it is not unpleasant to live there.

It would be a real miracle if you haven’t tried Thai food yet. This is such a various and rich cuisine that you can spend years exploring it and enjoying it. It has meat, fruits, vegetables and everything in equal measurements. The nature is rich in Thailand, so the cuisine uses that and makes it one of the most beloved cuisines in the world. Well, if you plan on exploring the Thai cuisine, what better place to do it, than living there while you’re at it.

It is hard to say if it is more beautiful to observe the amazing and unreal sceneries of the Thailand nature on the land or underwater. Wherever you look, it is brimming with the colorful life and fabulous nature. This surrounding offers a very wide range of outdoor activities and underwater sports. Living in Thailand meanskeeping in touch with the nature in its most cheerful and playful form. This alone is enough for choosing Thailand to be your land of choice. All those islands are enough for you to explore for years.

As for the legal options, your best bet is to buy foreign freehold option in a licensed condominium. 45 % of these are allowed for a foreigner to have on his own name. This is probably the most secure way to own property on Thailand. Houses in Thailand are very beautiful and there are some seriously stunning properties. And you surely won’t be the only foreigner living there, since a lot of people across the world dream to buy houses in Thailand – and many of them make this dream come true.

Cost of Living
Considering the fact that you won’t have to pay another bill for heating in your life, this place seems more amazing place to live minute by minute. The cost of living is fairly low when compared to most of the western countries. That is one of the reasons why a lot of people whose jobs don’t require from them to be in the office choose to change their place of residence and come to Thailand. Even if they don’t choose to own their own property, there is the option of taking the 30 year lease or the 50 year lease under some specific terms.

The islands, the jungles, the tigers, the underwater world, the people, the exotic way of life and everything else in Thailand make it a perfect place to spend some portion of your life at. All this is just a part of the Thailand’s beauty as there hasn’t been a single word said about the hectic and unbelievable nightlife and the remarkable and world-known spirituality that is ever-present at Thailand. These are just some perks that make it worth your while.

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