Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stockholm - A Scandinavian Holiday

Stockholm City Hall
This year’s holiday destination was in the land of the Swedish. It is the largest capital city of Sweden. We had never discovered Scandinavian lands before so the destination was an ideal option to visit.  The first step was to buy airline tickets. There were many flight deals that are offered by different airlines at low costs since there are so many Cheap Flights to Stockholm like Air France. After a lot of research on the internet and getting in touch with travel agents, we got our Flights to Stockholm booked.

The city has a decidedly old world charm to it. When you visit it one feels as if you have traveled back in time. The place has an extremely pleasant weather all year round. It has up to eighteen hours of sunlight during the summer months and seven hours in the winter time. We were visiting during the month of June when I had vacations from college.

The place is the center for the Swedish government offices since it is the capital city. It is rich in its art and culture. Stockholm comes under one of the most clean metropolitan cities in the entire world. The IT sector is also unusually large and has firms like Ericson and IBM. One of the oldest military training schools in the world is situated here. The school is known as the Military Academy Karl berg it has been training cadets since centuries. There are many reputable universities here as well that have courses in all subjects.
Royal Dramatic Theater

We visited a lot of art galleries and museums here. Each one gave more detail about the history and culture of the city. I was mesmerized with all the paintings that I saw here at the art gallery. Beautiful works of art by famous painters hang on the walls of the museums. We even managed to get seats to a musical at the Royal Dramatic Theater which is one of the oldest in the world. It has gained a lot of recognition over the years for the plays that are staged here. The city has an unusually large amusement park also and an entire day was dedicated visiting it. Lots of tourists visit the park when it is functional from the month of April till October. It has many rides that one can enjoy, restaurants to eat in and even a concert hall. We spent a week in this magical city and had a very good time. The city has something to offer to all the people that visit it. I hope I get to return soon to this wonderful place.  Finding Cheap Tickets to Stockholm can be a difficult task during the holiday season. So, begin finding good options a few months in advance.

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