Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Travel around the world

 OK, now this may knock the logic out of you but yes, it is true.

There is a legit way to travel around the world or wherever you want without spending your dough, though the process may be a possible abuse. Many have already tried and traveled to their favorite destination using this procedure and  come back a happy lot. After all, who won’t be when you don’t have to spend anything and still get to travel the world? Isn’t that what dreams are made of? Easy ways!

With some smart play at how you use your credit card or even the debit card if it has a reward system, there is a big loophole left by the federal government to let you sponsor your world tour for effectively nothing at all. It involves buying money from money! More about it, shortly.

So without much ado, ‘ladies and ladas’ here is the secret. Get, set and let’s go!

But before I let you in the secret, let’s go back to a particular 2005 law that intended to push up the circulation of dollar coins. People could order coins from US mint and help the government maintain currency more efficiently; since maintaining bills cost more. More metal coins meant lesser maintenance charges for the paper bill and it definitely took off a lot of weight from Federal agencies shoulders. Paper decays much faster than metal and that was the logic behind this move.

Discovery of a Loop-Hole

What US government did not realize was there was such a big loophole in this practice that it did not take a lot of thinking to invent ways to gain tremendously. All one needed to do was order the coins through a credit card that gave frequent flyer miles or reward points and later use them to purchase travel products such as business class seats, hotels deals or may be even car rentals.

The process is simple. Order the coins, get the amount transferred back to the credit card and avoid any sort of finance charges or late fees. Why this system works is because you are purchasing an amount of money and transferring the equal amount back. The system works like a debit card where you withdraw money and get reward points as well. In simpler terms, you take out certain amount from your bank account and put it back again, in the process gaining extra points for later redeeming. 

If you want to try this, get in touch with the US mint and see whether the option still prevails or not in your state? If it does, then you might be trolling the scenic lands of Europe at effectively no cost.

The only point to consider is that it is no doubt a loophole. The big question here is whether you would abuse this system and take the next first class tickets to Paris or act like a good man and live off principles.  The choice would ultimately be yours.

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