Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cruising and Vacationing At Economy

While flying to your vacation destination can be a quick way to kick-start the fun, traveling in cruises can often leave you with fonder memories of merry vacation time. Explore more to know how.

If you have been scampering around different travel sites and searching for cheap air tickets to fly down to the vacation destination of your choice, then stop now!

Have you pondered over the option of cruises and considered that you can book them cheaply too!

Here is how you can book cruises for vacations and save money as well:

Stay alert for inaugural deals:Cruises are a fun way of traveling; given you are not prone to sea-sickness. New companies or companies launching new cruisers try to get occupancy rate high through attractive deals and offers. Keep yourself posted for such offers and launches and plan your vacations accordingly. By booking early, you can further secure better seats and rooms. These offers work out good for cruises as well. They get free word of mouth publicity, get some money as well and get to market themselves; all in one go. Economically, such form of marketing works out to be cheaper than press or conventional methods.

Repositioning cruises are cheap too:If you are unaware about what repositioning is then its time you surprise yourself. Our world being a 24*7 vacation destination, there are no dull moments for the global trotters. What this means is that just when Caribbean is shutting down for vacations, Europe is opening up. This keeps the cruises busy and they are repositioned from one spot to another. Since, repositioning itself costs a lot; cruises try to mitigate it by offering rides for much lesser prices than usual. This is where you can go for the killing.

Last minute cruise specials:No cruises or airlines want to kick off with empty seats. This is where last minute seats can be such a pleasant surprise due to the sheer depth of discounts. You can save a lot by skimming through the various last minute offers online and save some money.

The only challenge with last minute bookings is that you have to stay flexible with dates and wait for the right moment. What if there are no special fares available? You might find yourself stumped for vacations!

So what when the world doesn’t come to you? Well, you go to it!

You can try all inclusive deals or complete vacation packages offered via cruises. They can offer you discounts over the entire package. In fact, as per many travel pundits, people can save up to $500 per all-inclusive deal.

What make vacations-cum-cruises so fun is the break from monotony of air flights and the thrills of sailing! You make new friends on board and have a larger space to move around on deck. Not just that, you got games, swimming pools and the likes to keep you engaged even before the real vacations begin.

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