Monday, 1 June 2015

Three good reasons why you should visit Rimini

When people in general think in a trip to Italy they always plan to visit Venice, Tuscany, Rome and maybe few others famous places like Lake District or Amalfi Coast, but often forget the gorgeous Adriatic Coast of Emilia Romagna, of which Rimini is the definitely the “capital”.

Here there are few reasons why you should plan a week or more in the area

The history

As all Italy also in Rimini you can find heritage of the Roman history basically everywhere. One of the most stunning piece of history is the famous Tiberio’s Bridge, that was built over two thousand years ago and was strategic in connecting the north of Italy with the central coast. Even more amazing is that the bridge is still used daily by hundreds of cars and it survived two world wars.

Another very interesting “piece of history” is the recently discovered House of the Surgeon that is is right in the Centre of Rimini and has been converted in a nice museum. Going through this ancient house we can have an idea of the daily life Romans were living and also of how doctors were operating at that time.

The countryside

Rimini boast not only a very nice and easy to access beach but a gorgeous and hilly countryside. Few kilometers away from the beach we can find a hilly countryside and small town with a stunning view and some small restaurant that offer the best and genuine traditional food. In addition, don’t forget the Repubblica di San Marino, 30 kilometers away from Rimini, that is one of the smallest country in the world and has a beautiful middle age castle from where you can see all the Romagna and down up to the sea side.

The nightclubs

Rimini is definitely the Italian capital of nightlife with some of the best clubs of Europe and some of the Top Ten clubs of the world. Some are located in the nearby Riccione, a small town few kilometers south of Rimini. Just to mention few: Cocorico, Baia Imperiale, Velvet, Altromondo Studios and the list goes on and on. Another place which young ones and night lovers don’t want to miss is Aquafan a theme park that at night transforms in a huge club with the famous Foam Party that host some of the world top dj like David Guetta or Gigi D’Agostino.

The food

A thing that cannot miss in our visit to Italy is of course the experience of enjoying very tasteful food and wine. Emilia Romagna (the region where Rimini is) of course has a lot to offer. The area is well know for Red and White wine like Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Pagadebit that grown in the nearby area. There’s a lot to eat with these wines but something very typical is the Piadina wich is a simple thin and round bread that can be served with prosciutto, salami and cheese.

Variety of accommodation

Rimini has the right accommodation for all prices. Here you can find super cheap one star hotel, but always neat and with a familiar hospitality, to the 4 star luxury hotel that offer all kind of entertainment and accessories. It is possible also to rent a vacation home for a more private and secluded holiday. For information and the best deal on accommodation I found helpful an on line resource about Rimini and all the Riviera Romagnola.

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