Tuesday, 13 January 2015

5 must take things on a holiday for one

Every new trip is a new experience and you can never know what it brings. Embarking on a journey requires that you leave your comfort zone, leave all the people you know, most of the stuff that you own behind and seemingly start from the beginning, all over again, in a new and unfamiliar environment. As in a popular game we often play when bored-5 things you would take on a deserted island, in front of you is a tough choice that may jet come to determine the very course of your entire journey.

Because we are fortunate to live in this era of technology, where our phone alone, can replace a music playing device, magazines that we would read or even a books in pdf format, our job here is made significantly easier. This however, does not mean that your phone will be all that you need to take on this trip. There are a lot of things your phone can never replace and here is the short list of the five crucial things to take on a perfect holiday for one.

A wardrobe for a wild night out
Most of the tourist havens have a wild and vivid nightlife and this is something that you do not want to miss for anything in the world. In order to fully experience the place you decided to visit, you need to go out and mingle with the local populace and other tourists. Your favorite clothes for going out with your friends, should be invaluable on this trip, especially when traveling as a single young person.

Your camera
One of the things that are must-take on any journey is a photo camera. This clearly is a thing that your phone can replace easily, but never completely. The pictures taken by a camera are always of better quality. Apart from the quality of the picture, not everything is in pixels, numbers and characteristics. Taking pictures with camera while on holiday is certainly a unique experience which you should not miss for anything. It will also leave you with a lot of pictures serving as mementos for this incredible journey of yours.

A Swiss Army knife
When visiting a foreign country on your own, you can never be too cautious and too safe. Still, even apart from all of these “security” reasons, there are a lot of situations in which a pocket knife can be extremely useful. A  Swiss Army knife has many gadgets that you may often find invaluable in your journeys.

You never know if, or when you are going to encounter a perfect opportunity for a romance on your travels. It may happen that you find a person that you will want to spend the rest of your days with, or just a person with whom you will have a short, yet passionate romance that will completely alter the ways in which you will, from now on, remember this incredible voyage. Still, safety comes first and that’s why condoms are a must-take on a journey. It is better take them a million times and not need them once, than to not have them once when you need them.
 A swimsuit
If visiting a tropical resort, swimsuit is a must of such high level priority that it is ridiculous even to mention it. Still, if you decide to visit a winter resort, go skiing or snowboarding again there is a possibility that your hotel will have a pool. Why resort to use of hotel swimsuits or being forced to buy one that is available in a hotel store when you can clearly take your favorite from home. It does not take much place in your bags and it could mean a world to you later on.

While you can never take everything that you need on a journey, making a short list of priorities and must-takes will definitely get you on the right track. You can never take everything, but that’s fine since you never really needed everything and just by recognizing this fact you will get the most of the job done. Now all that is left for you to do is, pick a location, pack and embark on a journey of your lifetime.

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