Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Night life in Sydney

No matter whether you are visiting this remarkable city, or you are local here, night life in the most beautiful city on the Australian continent won’t leave you indifferent. With huge variety of different places to go and see, it is certain that your tour throughout the streets of Kings Cross or Oxford Street will be something to remember. Depending on what do you seek, we will recommend several places that you mustn’t miss. From chill places with smooth jazz music, across Irish pubs with litres of ale, to night clubs with stunning girls and blood-pumping techno music, you will find whatever interests you.

The most represented in terms of visitors, techno clubs are most famous nowadays. Most of those are settled in near vicinity of Kings Cross station. Remarkable places to visit are “Home”, “Arq”, and definitely “Soho” and its gigantic dance floors surrounded by Art Deco decor. Those clubs have reputation for often being visited by worldwide celebrities and somewhat are trying to highlight this fact. Top notch sound system and cutting edge lighting are there to ensure quality entertainment. But, if you get tired, you can get secluded from the crowd, for many clubs have separated lounges of balconies where you can take a breath. Also, you mustn’t miss “Candy’s Apartment”, one of the first clubs opened in Sydney: it is situated underground, in a part of the old sewage system, and has this very special atmosphere. Same for the Q Bar: beside the dance floor, you can find pool tables, video games and pinball machines...
But, there are things you must pay attention to. Security issues are often problematic, and with all the alcohol around, it is only boosted - as for drugs and other illegal substances, they are gaining their place in the crowd.

Pubs and taverns
As the opposite from crowded clubs, which come into life after midnight, this type of objects are almost crowded during the day as well as at night time. Also, music is different, as local bands are making the list of performers. You’ll definitely want to visit famous “Slip Inn”, which will provide you with quite relaxed atmosphere, and the place you’ll wish to visit again. On the other hand, the “Argyle hotel” is separated into several different sets, or to say, stages. You can choose upon relaxing ones, or if you planned to party out, that is available also.

In addition, there are several clubs built just to escape from every-night crowd and offer a safe refuge from unwanted attention. Perfect for these are the “White revolver”, a hidden underground club to which you can go through another tavern, or “De Nom”, arguably the most exclusive object of this type in this part of the world. And yes, it is incredibly expensive, but it's worth the price, for it is very luxurious, in terms of decoration and service. Have you ever wanted to visit the Versailles? Courtiers looking at each other, discretely admiring each other's costume? In “De Nom”, people are rich, some well-dressed men swagger with young and beautiful women (and some of those girls are actually escorts), wines are delicate and waiters exquisitely attentive, willing to make you feel like a XVIIIth century prince. This place is living embodiment of that time. 

Will it last forever?
But, night life in this beautiful city had come upon the obstacle. With the increasing rate of violence connected with alcohol usage, the authorities have made a decision that at 01:30 AM, all the pubs and clubs are not to receive additional customers and at 03:00 AM, to stop selling alcohol. By some, this is a great decision, while others are strongly opposed, with arguments that it must be another way, like preventing individuals to enter the specific building, if that person is known as trouble maker. With everything said taken into consideration, one thing is sure. If you plan to go out in Sydney, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

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