Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Magical Tahiti Experience

I’ve always loved traveling and exploring unknown places. Whether it was a one hour ride to grandma’s house or a ten hour flight to a different continent, I was always equally excited about packing my bags and leaving for a while. Not only I experienced the world thanks to this passion, but I also learned that I fall in love with my hometown all over again every time I come back.

The list of the places that I visited is very long, but it seems that the list of the places I want to visit is even longer. Every time I visit a country, I either find that I want to come back and revisit it from another point of view – for instance, it’s one thing to visit a nation’s capital, but a whole different thing to go kayaking down its rivers.

I recently visited Tahiti and this experience will always be dear to me.


If you’ve ever seen just one photo of Tahiti beaches and landscapes, you’re probably guessing why. While it’s true that most beaches look beautiful, and we’ve all been to many beaches in our lives, and most likely loved it every single time, there’s something different about Tahiti. Standing on a Tahiti beach, you feel like you are a part of some amazing tropical island postcard, and you want to stay there for as long as you can.

If crystal clear blue water, amazing looking beaches and warm weather are not enough to convince you, Tahiti surely has other charms to offer.
There are two things that, in my humble opinion, stand out the most. It’s their traditional cuisine and the “hotels” for the tourists.

When it comes to hotels and tourism, in most cases people look for luxurious accommodation, or, for the very least, they look for modern looking hotels. When it comes to accommodation in Tahiti you’ll want to look for something (slightly) different. If you want a real tropical experience of Tahiti, you should look for tropical, authentic Tahiti accommodation.

These wonderful looking houses are what makes this experience so different to most other destinations – they give you a feeling of residing in an entirely different world. And even though it’s only for a little while, it surely is a lifelong memory.

Another amazing thing about Tahiti is, as stated above, their food. If you visit Tahiti and you don’t taste any of its exotic flavors, your experience, as amazing as it will be, will definitely be lacking something. And that little something is, for example, the cocoa bread, eaten mostly for breakfast along with coffee and cocoa milk.
Another absolute must from the Tahitian cuisine is the famous Pua’a Choux – a French term for an amazing meal of carrots, turnips, pork and cabbage (the word choux actually means cabbage in French, and if I remember well, the word Pua’a is a Tahitian word for pork).

In conclusion, Tahiti is a destination that will make you feel like you’re entered a different world, and this heavenly sensation is present everywhere – from its beaches and landscapes to its exotic resorts and traditional cuisine.

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