Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Top Unusual World Festivals

1.Turkey Testicle Festival
The secret is in the name with this festival, as attendees are encouraged to gorge on glorious, deep fried animal testicles. There are several of these festivals in the states, but the oldest is in Byron, Illinois. If the sound of turkey testicles doesn’t tickle the taste buds, remember that it’s for charity (and there’ll be live music and events to appease you as well).

2.Japanese Unusual Festival
This festival takes place at Kanayami Shine in Kawasaki (about 30 minutes from Shibuya – which is in central Tokyo), where prostitutes reportedly used to pray to ward off sexual diseases. Giant carved  are carried through the streets, festivalgoers chew lollies and men dressed casually wander the streets. Definitely one of those festivals you have to see for yourself, as pictures just don’t do it justice.

3.Monkey Buffet, Thailand
Although Thailand’s monkeys are usually thought of as devilish little rascals, this festival celebrates their sneaky greed by offering them 4000 kilograms of candies, nuts, fruits and vegetables to gorge on. The festival attendees dress up in monkey costumes, dance around doing monkey dances and generally imitate the little critters all day.  It takes place at Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi Province.

4.International Sahara festival, Tunisia
Set in Douz, right out into the desert, this festival is not only spectacular for its location. Camels bear their teeth and fight, greyhounds race for live bait and people battle it out atop camels in daring races across the sand. A bellydancing lady also balances 7 clay pots on her head, and young girls do a mesmerising hair-shaking dance. As Douz is rather far into the desert, you might want to think about staying in one of the towns or cities to get the full feel of the country. Sousse is a lively town on the coast with lots of things to do, or Hamammet, which is equally favoured amongst tourists. This festival takes place around Christmas time and lasts for 4 days.

5.Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling, England
In the heart of the English countryside in a county called Gloucestershire (pronounced ‘glostersher’) the locals honour one particularly strange, long running tradition, known as the ‘cheese rolling festival’. Over the course of the day, a large wheel of double Gloucester is rolled down Cooper’s Hill and festival attendees run down the terrifyingly steep slope after it in an attempt to catch it. Whoever makes it down the hill first gets to keep the cheese and take it home as their prize. If you’re coming from London, don’t be fooled – even though the UK is small, this is a 3 hour drive from the capital!

Been to any festivals you think can top this? Let us know!

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