Monday, 7 April 2014

Backpacking in Colombia can be so much FUN!

If you meet someone who has recently traveled South America, you should ask him which the best country to travel in South America is. 9 out of 10 people will tell you that it is Colombia!

Why Colombia is a popular travel destination among backpackers though it still remains a mystery.  So, what is it that the backpackers love most about Colombia? Is it food, nightlife, beaches, or something else?

Food in Colombia
Let’s start with food. In Colombia, you will get to taste a great variety of street food. The street vendors here will offer you hot dogs, hamburgers, empanadas, pizza etc. to keep your taste buds active. The street vendors in Colombia are more like small mobile restaurants. They have everything; starting from cooking plates, utensils, gas bottles, drinks fridge and plastic chairs. You would have never imagined that eating on the side of a very busy road can be this much fun! The whole experience of trying out street snacks in Colombia is so much fun that you would want to do it again and again.

South America is filled with colonial cities; Cartagena though is quite unique amongst them. You will find old forts here and a city wall with canons so as to protect it from the enemies. As you go inside the city wall, you will find colorful colonial buildings the beauty of which can simply not be matched. The biggest fortress in Cartagena is Castillo de San Felipe, which took almost 100 years to build. Tunnels were made in this area to bring in the supplies needed for the construction of the fort.

If you are in Cartagena, it would be a great idea to also check out Palace of Inquisition. It’s a museum from 18th century and features interrogation methods and torture instruments which were used to determine witchcraft back in the day. November is the time for Cartagena’s annual fest. You just got to be here at the time of the festival as the city is filled with vibrating energy. It’s time to party in Cartagena for the travelers while locals indulge themselves in by spraying shaving foam on them.

It is to note that in some parts of Colombia travelers really need to be careful; however, if you are cautious while traveling Colombia, you will soon find it quite safe there. When it comes to Medellin, a lot of people would refer it as the dangerous city of Colombia, but if you visit it you will find it one of the most fascinating parts of Colombia. You would be stunned to know that in the year 2012 The Wall Street Journal ran a competition in which Medellin was awarded as the world’s most innovative city award.

Overall, backpacking in Colombia can be so much fun if you remain a little cautious. You should visit the country with an open heart and it will give you memories that you won’t forget for a lifetime.

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