Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Coste Adeje

For a serene holiday without the typical hustle and bustle of tourist destinations, Costa Adeje is the perfect location. Away from the overcrowded resorts of the Canary Islands, this area just south of Tenerife boasts unspoilt natural beauty and flourishing traditions. This part of the island welcomes tourists with open arms to join in the merriment throughout the day until sunset.

An area of magnificent beauty, Costa Adeje has some of the most beautiful clean beaches in the area, with plenty of fantastic scenery to take in whilst sunbathing on the pure sand. Steep, green slopes adorn the area, decked with magical forests and miles of greenery, producing a picturesque area to explore and admire. The rocky terrains are a challenging tour, offering an alternative thrilling hike to the usual rolling hills and flat beaches. Quiet, relaxing apartments line the coastline for a week of indulgence and chilled out isolation from the brash reputations of Tenerife’s notorious south-western resorts. Otherwise, there are plenty of high quality hotels available for a somewhat livelier atmosphere filled with fellow holidaymakers and local entertainment.

Beach volleyball is a daily activity along the sandy coastline of Costa Adeje, as well as fishing and snorkelling trips running regularly for an exciting day at sea. The sparkling blue sea entices many a holidaymaker to swim and bathe in its warm waters while boat races and windsurfing carries on alongside. For more ideas on what to do in the area see lowcostholidays.

Night time in Costa Adeje caters to all types of holidaymakers: Spanish tavernas are widely located across the centre of the resort, cooking up some fantastic traditional tapas and locally sourced seafood dishes to tempt the palate. Following the traditional theme, holidaymakers can watch live shows, concerts and join in games along the streets of the city centre. Otherwise, there are plenty of bars and restaurants open until the small hours, offering refreshing cocktails and some wonderful wines to enjoy whilst taking in the merry Spanish atmosphere adorning the cities’ quaint streets.

If you find yourself relaxing a bit too much, the lively resorts of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos are only a bus trip away. Packed with loud, brash nightclubs and busy and bustling bars, these resorts are the place to be seen for those wanting to indulge in a little hedonism on their Tenerife holiday.

Costa Adeje is the perfect resort for those wanting to relax in the beautiful Spanish sunshine, away from the party lifestyles of nearby resorts, whilst being close enough to dip in and out of the night scene as you wish.

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