Monday, 25 November 2013

Top European Countries Expats Prefer

Where does a smart expatriate go for a good compensation package? Here’s the rundown on the top six European countries that expatriates prefer.

No. 1: SPAIN. More than 6% of Spain’s population is comprised of expats, with the British being the major nationality. Enviable Mediterranean weather most of the year, a historically rich culture, a relaxed pace way of life, Spain attracts expats like the proverbial flies to honey. The locals are amiable and acceptable of foreigners.

Most restaurants, bars, and hotels in Spain have expats running the operations, with some expats owning the businesses themselves. Prices and rentals of houses and the general cost of living are relatively lower in Spain. The climate is ideal for expats who prefer mild winters and dining out with local Spaniards is cheaper than the tourist restaurants which have astronomically-priced food items.

No. 2: FRANCE. Brits who want to be closer to their island nation can’t go wrong with France. Euro-tunnel, airplane or ferry is the preferred mode of transport for British expats who appreciate the many culture centres, museums, and art galleries in what seems to be everywhere in France. Like Spain, the pace of life is relaxed. The crime rate is lower than most other countries in Europe, and, because the country has one of the best systems of education in the world, expats prefer to raise their children in France. The spouses of expats also find France a haven for learning culinary skills and shopping for quality fashion. There are currently some 4.3 million expats in France from different countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

No. 3: GERMANY. Expats have been slowly but quite steadily increasing in number in Germany, with an estimated 250,000 living and working throughout the country. Because one German city has its own exclusive lifestyle and professional environment, expats in Germany come from a diverse plethora of cultures and nationalities. And while costs of living in different areas are never the same, expats appreciate the fact that salaries are higher in Germany more than in other European countries. The excellent quality of education has, in fact, drawn expats to have their children educated in the local schools.

No. 4: ITALY. They say an expat who chooses to work in Italy is actually on a “vacation,” what with the abundance of good food and wine, picturesque countryside, stunning architectural structures, fine art, and culture – opera, ballet, cello concertos that are open to the public -- at street level. More than 7% of Italy’s population is comprised of expats. Business meetings in Italy are usually conducted in restaurants and cafes, proof of the relaxed attitude with which Italians deal with everyday living. Expats in their 30s and 40s commonly stay in Milan, Venice, and Rome, while the ones in their 50s and 60s prefer Tuscany and Florence.

No. 5: THE NETHERLANDS. The extensive waterway linking The Netherlands to Belgium, Germany, and France is only one of several reasons why expats are attracted to the country. Although the cost of living in The Netherlands has risen, expats find it a small price to pay for being able to vote in Dutch elections.

No. 6: GREECE. Since it officially joined the European Union (EU) in 1981, Greece has slowly become a chosen destination for expats, despite the absence of international businesses with offices there. Tourism is one industry in Greece which has many expats, and while salaries are relatively lower in the country than Spain or France, the cost of living, including expats travel insurance, is the lowest amongst EU-member countries. The warm climate, healthy cuisine of mainly vegetables, fruits, yogurt, whole grains, and nuts, the laid-back lifestyle, the low cost of living and availability of expats travel insurance, extensive exposure to art, architecture, sculpture, and learning, and the friendliness of the locals entice expats to come to Greece either to work or retire.

If you’re an expat and would like to work in these countries, don’t forget to buy expats travel insurance. Having one will assure you of an enjoyable stay while working abroad. There are many expats travel insurance you can get so make sure you choose one that’s most suitable for your requirements and situation.

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