Friday, 8 November 2013

The Beauty you will enjoy on Traveling to Cologne

Have you thought about the best tourist destination to choose for the upcoming holiday? It is very important that you do so in order not to miss the excitement. There are several tourist destinations in the world today and therefore it is normal to be confused on the best place to choose. However, on a careful consideration, you will realize that Cologne in Germany is the right place to choose. The features and beauty of this city are breathtaking and cannot be overemphasized. This article shows you why you need to travel to Cologne and some important features you should expect to see in the city.

1.     The wine country

Germany is often referred by most people as the wine country. It is the center of production of some of the best wines in the world. Some of the wines in Germany are produced in Cologne. This means that traveling to the city will give you the opportunity to have a good time with the best wines.

2.     Vast tourist attraction features

The most interesting thing about Cologne is its tourist attraction features. Cologne is located near the Rhine River which flows through Germany from Switzerland. Rhine in Germany is a wonderful tourist attraction feature and most visitors come to Cologne in order to see this beauty of nature. Other tourist attraction features you will see include Cologne University, Sankt Maria im Kapital, the Gurzenich, the Cologne Cathedral and so forth.

3.     Get to see the famous Gothic Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom) built within the span of 600 years is the most famous Gothic cathedral in history. It also houses the famous shrine of the Magi which contains the bones of the three wise men that paid the infant Jesus a visit according to the bible.

4.     Lodge in some of the best hotels in the world

Cologne has highly exclusive and exquisite hotels in the world. Lots of the hotels near the Koln airport are rated five stars and will make your visit to the city interesting. Examples of these hotels include the Dom Hotel, the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, the Schlosshotel Lerbach, the Grand hotel Schloss Bensberg and many others. It is important to make appropriate plans for your accommodation and book these exquisite hotels even before you board your flights to Cologne to ensure your comfort on your arrival to the city.

Cologne is known for its important cultural heritages, commercial activities, manufacturing activities and so forth. The city is filled with many museums, beautiful sceneries and interesting features you should never miss.

Author Bio: This article is written by Chirsty Wilson. She loves traveling and writing. She mainly cover topics related to tourist attractions and travel services , car hire cervices, accommodation and all other travel needs at Cologne Airport.

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