Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Old Meets New in Buzzing Berlin

On a recent trip to Berlin, I discovered a city buzzing with creativity and culture. I hadn’t been to Germany before, and before my trip, did some research on a few various websites, including Holiday Check, to see what was on offer in the German capital. I was in for a treat.

An historic city

Berlin is a historic city, with impressive monuments on every corner. Emblematic constructions such as the Brandenburg Gate, a former city gate that now simultaneously symbolises both a turbulent historic period and European peace and unity, give us an insight into the past of this incredible city. Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag building and the various museums dotted around the city also tell stories of the past. Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and definitely worth a visit during a stay in Berlin, while the numerous theatres and concert halls are ideal for soaking up some culture and enjoying a play, show or musical performance.

Modern Berlin

While I was in Berlin, I went up the TV Tower, which was great. The views were just fantastic; I sat and had a drink in the restaurant, looking out from 180 feet up in the air! The city’s cathedral and Reichstag building are magnificent, and the neighbouring parks are perfect for a picnic if the weather’s nice. One day, in the mood for shopping, I headed to Kurfürstendamm for a browse, and then to the ultra-modern Sony Center, which opened in 2000. After a browse around the shops here, there were plenty of restaurants to choose from for dinner.

Culinary treats

Holidays in Berlin are the perfect chance to try German cuisine, as well as the international delicacies that have been brought into the city by the international population. There are also lots of vegetarian and vegan options on offer, reflective of the focus on sustainability that is evident throughout the city.

Incredible nightlife

Berlin’s nightlife is something else. Bars, restaurants and clubs are full of energy, and have led to the city becoming one of the premier European destinations for holidaymakers looking to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves. Local festivals are always popular, with lots of concerts, fairs and events going on.

Exciting Christmas markets

A trip in December is a great idea, as the Christmas markets are ideal for stocking up on gifts, treats and decorations. There are over 60 markets in total, the largest of which is held in the Spandau Old Town. A family-friendly market, during Advent it features a Christmas Nativity scene with real animals – a sure-fire way to keep the little ones happy! The different markets are scattered throughout the city and they are all unique, with different craftspeople, foods and entertainment, including fire-eaters, jugglers, rock concerts and dancers. I will certainly make sure my next trip to Berlin is in December! Berlin will always be a city steeped in history, and the incredible monuments that explain the city’s past offer an amazing vision of the previous events in times go by. The city incredibly merges both old and new to offer a fusion of antiquity and modernity and an abundance of both culture and creativity.

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