Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Alaskan Wonder

Alaska, is an undoubtedly magnificent, Alaska is one of the most northern states of America and is extremely popular with the scientific community. The range of outdoor activities and geology are unmatched by few other landscapes. The sheer size and grandeur of the state can, at times, seem vastly overwhelming, but the locals are extremely welcoming which certainly makes you feel at home.

What’s really interesting about Alaska is the diversity of culture and tradition within the region. Their culture and traditions cannot be harkened to just one all-encompassing way of life, but in fact there are many factions and subcultures throughout the region. But of course there are some common themes, primarily the way of life and culture of the natives reflect the resources that are available to them. Some of the natives include the Tsimshian, Inupiat, Yu’ik and the Aleut. Each of these indigenous people can be found from within particular regions of Alaska where, often, their clans have lived for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The human impact of on the global warming has contributed to much of the landscape of the Alaska. Unfortunately, this has not been positive. Alaska’s dramatic landscape is truly beautiful, mountains, forest ranges and mass glaciers that encapsulate the imagination through an awe inspiring landscape. But as we all know the glaciers are melting which is raising the water levels dangerously!

But with that being said, Alaska does offer visitors an amazing opportunity to view the country by sea! The watery creeks valleys and passages ways run for thousands of miles through and around the state. The landscape from the sea is truly breath taking, 6,000 ft hills and elevations on the west, right the way through to the monster peaks towering upwards of 13,000 ft on the east – there are some truly spectacular sites!

If you prefer something a little dryer, you could always drive the Seaward Highway. This has been specutlated to be one of the world’s greatest drives! The road starts in Anchorage, the largest populated community in North America and takes you through some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing! The Turnagain stretch offers the beholder the opportunity to witness Beluga Whales, Dall Sheep and if you are lucky enough possibly even the opportunity to see the renowned Bald Eagle. Each and every turn brings a new wonder, set against a truly magnificent background of dramatic tonal skies.  Roughly 50 miles from Anchorage, you will reach Portage. Portage is a settlement that was unfortunately level by the Good Friday Earth Quake in 1964. The settlement is home to potentially one of the most popular tourist attractions of Alaska – the Portage Glacier. This tremendous wall of ice extends 90 – 100 ft+ under the sea, but is unfortunately falling victim to the rising seas levels; therefore, each day week, month and year this epic glacier decreases in size both above and below sea level.

As you can image, Alaska offers visitors some truly magical accommodation! On a recent visit to the region, I stayed in a log cabin just off of Richardson Highway. The cabin was extremely comfortable, in actual fact, it was perfect! Electricity all of the amenities that you would expect and a wonderful view of the Tanana River.

As you can see the abundance of wildlife, the national parks, mystical and dramatic views of the country make Alaska a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to embark on a luxury holiday of a life time. Having been lucky enough to visit the tremendous country on three occasions, I can honestly say that this is potentially one of the most inspiring regions that I have ever been.

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