Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Five Money-saving Tips While on Vacation

Vacations can be a restful time where you unwind, connect with family, and enjoy a different environment than normal. Unfortunately, it's also a time where money can fly out the proverbial window while your relaxation is taken over by fear that you won't have enough cash to carry you over until the end. Fortunately, it doesn't always need to be this way. With a few tweaks you can save a good deal of cash on your vacation. Here are some ways to achieve this.

1. Plan ahead
The easiest way to save is to plan your vacation ahead of time. Some companies offer deep discounts when you book early for flights, cruises, or rooms. And if the discounts aren't available when you make the initial reservation, something may come up between the booking and the vacation that gives you an extra savings. Planning ahead can also get you a central location to attractions that can lower the use of a vehicle, saving you money on fuel.

2. Book convenience instead of glamour
Your room at the five-star hotel may be the glitziest you've ever been in, but it won't save you much money if it doesn't have a refrigerator or microwave to help supplement the appetites of your hungry family. Instead of paying top dollar for the most glamorous of accommodations take a look for any apartment or condo hotel rooms in the area. These will give your family the space to stretch out as well as kitchen facilities. And a refrigerator and stovetop will be helpful because...

3. Eat in, not out
Keeping vacation costs low when you eat out three times a day can be a daunting challenge. Avoid this by packing food and bringing it to your destination in order to prepare simple breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for everyone to eat throughout the day. Filling up on these allows you to take in a simple, but fine dinner. However, if the prices for the places you want to eat are a bit high at night...

4. Eat dinner at lunch
Many restaurants offer their dinner items at lunchtime. They may be smaller portions to match the time of day, but that means the prices for the entrees may be much lower. Some restaurants even entice diners into their establishments by offering a one-price deal with appetizers, entrée, and desert. Check with representatives of your accommodation for more information.

5. Check for coupons
Places like Las Vegas, Branson, and the areas around the Disney parks offer coupon books to visitors that are chock full of discounts ranging from 2-for-1 meals to free souvenirs. In addition, a search of Groupon selections around your vacation destination can provide numerous discounts for restaurants and attractions.

These tips may not seem like huge money savers when separately used. Put them altogether, and the money paid out during your vacation may be significantly less than you expected, giving you a calm sense of mind and a chance to truly relax.

This post was written by Aubrey on behalf of parkcitycedarridge.com. Her favorite travel destination is Cabo San Lucas. She lives in Utah with her family.

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