Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide

The Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide Las Vegas is more than just a city in the Nevada desert; countless films, songs and television shows have created a dream Las Vegas, a place where anything goes and where what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. From casinos to water-parks, super-star music performances to roller-coasters, this is a city designed to entertain and thrill.

 Visitors hoping to shed inhibitions, and indulge in hedonistic fun that other destinations might discourage, will have a dream holiday in Las Vegas. There are a multitude of casinos, nightclubs and burlesque shows to help make the most out of your bachelor party. This doesn't necessarily mean a stag weekend spent in seedy dives; Las Vegas spares no expense, and even the seemingly low-key events in the city are often held in upmarket and luxurious locations.

With a huge array of spectacular shows, fast-moving nightlife and more food than you could possibly eat; Las Vegas can be overwhelming to the first-time visitor. With careful planning before you arrive, however, you can explore Vegas on a city break with your buddies without missing out on the many varied experiences and attractions that make it such a great holiday destination.

If your bachelor party is looking for some high adrenaline excitement, a gravity-defying sky jump from the Stratosphere Tower, 855 feet above the city, will be an experience to remember. More high-rise thrills can be had with several roller-coasters and zip line attractions that offer white-knuckle fun from the high towers on the Strip. After a night spent partying hard, a trip to one of the many water-parks around Las Vegas will wake you up and cool you off. Mini-golf makes for another relaxing break from the bars and clubs, and there is a huge selection of courses, both indoor and outdoor, including a giant, neon Kiss-themed course. You could spend a fun morning at a giant digger park, Dig This, ranked by Trip Advisor as the number one attraction in Las Vegas. Designed for adults, this park makes childhood fantasies come true by letting you dig in the sand using full-sized bulldozers and excavators.

Of course, no visit to Las Vegas would be complete with spending time in at least one of the many casinos the city has to offer. Visitors are spoilt for choice, with themes ranging for Ancient Rome and Egypt, to European castles and pirate ships, and endless different games to play. Even if you are not gambling experts willing to bet high stakes, spending some money on the slot machines will still entitle you to the free drinks that the casinos offer customers, as well as other benefits such as coupon booklets. Many casinos run a slot club card system, giving players’ further rewards such as food, hotel rooms and show tickets.

When your days and nights of excitement are over and you finally head back to your room, the entertainment still continues with most hotels offering themed rooms and round the clock entertainment. Las Vegas is the perfect venue for a weekend of unforgettable fun.

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