Friday, 12 July 2013

7 Tips to Get a Great Hotel Deal for Your Holiday

How much do you spend on your hotel stay? One of the first things you need to decide when planning a holiday is the budget. You also need to determine how much you would be spending on each essential.

Whether you are planning a visit to a European city or a Caribbean island, you need not break your bank to pay for your stay. With a little attention to details, you can find accommodation options that suit your requirements and budget.

How do you do this? Here are a few tips to make things easier for holidaymakers.

Tip 1: Time your trip. The price of flights, hotels and everything else is the highest during the peak tourist season. After you have decided the holiday destination, the next task is to find out the best time to visit.

You can choose to go during the off season; but who would like to go to the Caribbean during the summer? The right idea – choose the ‘shoulder seasons’ (just before or after the peak tourist season). Weekday stays may also be more affordable.

Tip 2: Determine when to book. It is easiest to get good hotel deals if you book either at the earliest possible date or at the last minute. Check the deals as soon as you have decided the dates of your journey. Early bird discounts may be available.

A hotel would be more willing to offer a good deal at the last minute if the rooms are not yet booked. However, it is best not to leave the hotel booking for the last minute if you are planning a family holiday.

Tip 3: Find online bargains. The online resources present the best places to look for some savings on your hotel stay. Check out the website of the hotel you plan to stay at; you never know when an offer could pop up.

You may also use hotel comparison websites for locating the best bargains. This gives you a number of choices that match your requirements and fit your budget. Online packages including airfare, hotels and car rentals may also help you save.

Tip 4: Broaden the location. After you have selected the holiday destination, learn as much as you can about it. Pay attention to the locations of the attractions and activities. Also, find out how much hotels charge in the city and its surroundings.

At times, it makes sense to choose accommodation in the outskirts, especially if the city hotels have exorbitant rates. However, make sure that the location is accessible; otherwise, you may have to spend on a car to visit the attractions or to participate in the activities.

Tip 5: Widen your options. A hotel is not the only choice. A simple villa, a comfortable bed and breakfast or a rustic farmhouse can provide an appropriate place to stay. You just need to think outside the box to find these options.

A stay in a family-run cottage or an aged property can offer a glimpse of the people, the land, the culture and the customs. It would be even better if you can taste the local specialities at your place of stay.

Tip 6: Look for discounts. Many hotels offer discount rates for people who belong to particular organisations or associations such as the military or non-profits. Mention such details when you book a room.

Another possible way to get a discount rate on a hotel room is if you are on your second or third visit. Many hotels have schemes for repeat guests. If your office uses the same place for its business stays, you may also mention this and check whether you can get a price cut.

Tip 7: Negotiate a deal. You may land up right at the hotel and ask for a discount. This may or may not work. However, if it does, you can get a good bargain with the least effort. The possibilities are high if the hotel parking lot is not filled up, which shows it is not occupied.

Don’t take your luggage with you when you go for a negotiation. Don’t pressurise. You can also benefit if the hotel agrees to negotiate some other detail. For example, if they offer to include complimentary breakfast within the room rates.

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