Friday, 5 July 2013

5 Reasons to Love Holidaying in Ghana

Holidaymakers often search for destinations that are ‘off the beaten track’ and places where they can escape to for relaxation, rest and enjoyment. With many of the most popular holiday destinations around the world experiencing overcrowding, a hike in prices and an increase in stag and hen parties, the search for unique holiday destinations has broadened. As a result, Ghana is cropping up on the radar as a must-visit tourist destination and is responding to the demand, offering holidaymakers fabulous experiences and unforgettable memories. There are literally dozens of reasons to love holidaying in Ghana, but here are our top five:

Ghana is the real Africa
With its lush rainforests, arid dry spells and wildlife like a scene straight out of the Jungle Book, a visit to Ghana is a step into real Africa. Ghanaians have a strong sense of pride in their country and uphold traditional beliefs that lie at the heart. Ghana was settled by Africans centuries ago and as a republic, it has made a conscious effort to remember its roots and to stay true to its African heritage. From barren but beautiful desserts to full rivers and vast blue skies, Ghana is authentically African.
Ghana love diversity
Ghanaians have been dubbed as being some of the most affable and accepting people on earth. They have a love for diversity and experience a mix of religion in their culture that has helped to shape them into being accepting of a variety of cultures, ideologies and ideals. Ghanaians love people and are friendly and welcoming to visitors to their country.

The sun always shines in Ghana
Okay, so by always we mean most of the time, but that’s a pretty good track record! When you visit Ghana (as long as you avoid the rainy season) you can safely guarantee a balmy tropical climate with temperatures hovering around 80F/27C. May and June are the flux of the rainy season in Ghana with heavy showers possible for much of the day. In April and July, the rain is less frequent and less intense, with the climate tending towards lighter spells of rains infrequently throughout the day. In August, the rainy season has mostly gone and only scattered showers are common. All other months of the year, you can expect high volumes of sunshine and bright, warm days.

Get back to nature in Ghana
At the heart of Ghana is Kakum Nature Park, a lush rain forest filled nature reserve with lofty canopy walks where visitors to gaze at the expansive greenery from the tops of trees. A veritable zoo of animals calls the Kakum Nature Park their home including monkeys, elephants and antelope. Visitors to the park can be sure to experience African nature up close and in person and can enjoy stunning views and breathtaking encounters with endangered and protected wild and plantlife.

Discover Ghanaian history
Ghana is a country rich in history and filled with historic buildings and castles dating back to the 15th century. Tours can be arranged for visitors to get a closer look at some of these historic monuments and to discover more about Ghana’s past to understand its present. Other popular tourist trips include excursions to discover the role cocoa played in Ghana’s history and trips to Volta Lake, the world’s largest manmade lake.

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