Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Top Tips for Seeing Australia on a Budget

Australia richly deserves its reputation as one of Earth’s most beautiful places.  As a result, it is also hugely popular among tourists, both those that travel from abroad as well as for Australians who want to venture across the giant nation.

While we have all heard the positives relating to Australia, many people don’t travel there because it is simply seen to be far too expensive to do so. However, while it is true that the costs associated with travel might be large should you be flying from outside of Asia, the reality is that it is possible to enjoy a journey around Australia without having to spend all of your life savings.

Here are our tips for traveling on a budget.
Discover Hostels

Australia’s hostel network is legendary among the travel community. In fact, the hostels in Australia are so good that even people whose budget allows them to stay in the finest grand hotels often eschew them in favor of more humble surroundings.

Why are Australia’s hostels so magnificent?

Of course, you have the big benefit of cost. However, something at a lower price is not necessarily better unless there are reasons for that to represent exceptional value. Thankfully, most of Australia’s hostels provide this. The best examples are probably those that are converted homes and ran by the owners, as they are the most welcoming and accommodating.

Most of Australia’s hostels also throw in a number of freebies, most commonly breakfast and dinner – some offer drinks, too – and this is another great route for saving money.

Getting Around

Car hire in Australia is widely available, but where you find it can make the biggest difference to what you’re going to pay. While standard hire rates and rentals are available, you might also have the chance to hire relocation campervans or cars, which will cost little or nothing for you to hire, so long as you’re headed to a particular destination.

If you go down this route, you can enjoy brilliant spur of the moment experiences, so long as you don’t end up driving between the same two places! If you do end up paying for hire, befriend people in the hostels who are traveling in your direction, cut the cost as well as the time behind the wheel having to concentrate in the searing heat.

Holiday Working

Not only can you save money while traveling around Australia, but you can make money, too. Holiday working is a growing trend, although you’ll need to make sure you have a work holiday visa, which often means having pre-arranged work on a farm, in a bar, or in some other location.

However, once you have the visa, you can then seek work during your travels without having to worry about the formalities, and there’ll probably be many opportunities for arrangements convenient for both yourself and the person you’re working for.

Australia on a Budget

Whether it is saving money, making money, or splitting the cost of car hire in Australia or other methods of travel, a trip Down Under doesn’t have to clean out your wallet. Keep these ideas in mind, and you’ll find yourself having a great trip, whether you have little money to spend at all, or are simply look to save it to spend on something specific.

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