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Top 5 Travelling Infographics

In today's data driven society, even leisure travel has associated infographics used to help tourists make better travel decisions. Businesses operating within the travel industry are the most popular sources of travel infographics, and they usually include fun facts about vacation destinations coupled with interesting graphics. Most travel infographics are designed to educate and inform vacationers about where, when, and why to visit certain cities. These travel businesses hope that people who see the travel infographics sites will fondly remember the destinations described when choosing their next vacation. Here are some of the top travel infographics sites that appeal to various groups of travellers.

Amazing Fast Facts About Dubai

For those travellers who desire to visit the Middle East, a travel site has put together some fun and interesting facts about Dubai. The oil rich city is marketed as a family friendly place to relax and have fun year round. Here are some facts that would likely directly affect tourists' decisions to visit.

1. When To Visit: Because of extreme summer heat, peak tourist season is during the fall, winter, and spring months.

2. How To Get There: The two main airports servicing this region include Dubai International Airport and the Al Maktoum International Airport. Because of travel demands, the newer Al Maktoum International Airport was constructed to handle over 120 million airline passengers yearly.

3. What To See: The city of Dubai has many unique tourist sites that attract visitors from all over the world. For example, it has the world's largest aquarium where one may take a night scuba dive. Visitors to Dubai may also see the world's largest building The Burj Khalifa. Besides their architectural feats, Dubai's designers using land reclamation techniques have also manufactured an archipelago in the Persian Gulf called the Palm Jumeirah which is tour worthy. Those who like to shop also consider visiting Dubai's famous souks featuring gold, spices, perfume, and textiles, or they visit the world's biggest mall there.

Interesting Facts About Newlywed Travel

One of the main reasons people take vacations is to celebrate special occasions; such as honeymoons which prompted the creation of the travel infographic link above. The information presented in this travel infographic gives detailed statistics that reflect the travel and spending habits of those taking honeymoons to both domestic and international locales. For instance, the site points out the most popular honeymoon destinations, the average amount spent on a honeymoon, and the average length of modern honeymoons. While this travel infographic was not sponsored by a company directly involved in the travel industry, it presents valuable statistical information for both honeymoon travellers and travel businesses servicing this group.

Trends For Budget Travellers

Hostels and other members of the “budget” tourism industry know that most people around the world continue to experience the effects of economic downturns. As a result, nearly every one looks for better travel deals, and this travel infographics site offers useful tips on budget travel. The two least expensive lodgings in the world and the most expensive are listed on this site along with some popular destinations. This site even goes so far as to track and advertise the world's cities with the most wireless internet spots.

Student Volunteer Tourists

Volunteer tourism has gained ground as many people attribute the great feeling that they get from helping others or the environment as just as important as spending time away from their jobs. Families who want to teach their children the value of caring for others often choose a volunteer vacation. This type of tourism is most popular with college students who have extended periods of time during summer breaks to explore and impact the world. The travel infographics site shown above gives statistics on who volunteers the most and how much time these groups volunteer.

Summer's Scenic Highways And Byways

This travel infographics site gives American summer travellers some great ideas for trips by car. From coast to coast the infographics site highlights six “must see” stops. Tioga Road near Yosemite National Park on the west coast, highway 100 near Pere Marquette State Park in the midwest, and highway 3 passing through Acadia National Park in the northeast are included on the site.


Although travel companies use travel infographics sites as part of their marketing strategies, the sites are quite interesting and informative without giving the impression of selling something. Additionally, some sites are not developed by big travel companies at all; a few of these sites were generated by those with a passion for travel and graphic design talent.

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