Friday, 21 June 2013

Learn What You Can Do Free Or Cheap In Sydney

If someone told you that, you could visit Sydney Australia and do, at least five or more exciting activities free would you believe them? We wouldn’t blame you if you said no but we will be sharing information with you as to how you can do this.

Places like Australia have such landmass and natural landscape that you would be hard-pressed not to find things to do that are free. Just doing things in the nature it offers is endless if you are that way inclined. If you are looking to stay closer to the city then you can take great advantage of the cultural activities that are on offer without breaking the bank. This is just in case you didn’t have the best luck finding cheap hotels in Sydney.

The best free things to do in Sydney

  • Museum: Did you know that the National Museum of Australia in absolutely free to enter and it is one of the most interesting museums on the planet? Why? Because it is, full of the rich history of not only the few cities that dot the coastline but also the oddities and rare findings in the Outback that few ever get to experience.
  • Street Performers: Enjoy a wide variety of street performers and musicians that line streets if Sydney for your entertainment. It is all free and make for some great photographs and video but you may want to tip here and there because this is the way that most of those people make their living.

  • Historical Beach Walk: Take a four-mile walk from one coast to another and visit all the best parks with the coolest nature you will ever see as well as boardwalks that are unsurpassed.
  • Markets and fairs: Get your bargains and look at some of the best artwork from local artists and try some of the best native fruit and vegetables. All street fairs are free!
  •  The Sydney Harbor Bridge: Walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge; this is the bridge you have seen many times in pictures and now you can experience it all for yourself and make some history for you as well as pictures or video to last a lifetime.
  • Free History Walk: These walks are available in Sydney and are free! You can learn about the history and answer all your questions about this place with all the great secrets. Did you know that all the hard-core prisoners were sent here, as Australia was a penal colony for the United Kingdom? Ever wonder why they speak English and have an English accent with a twist?
  • Take up the Blue Mountain Range: If you are a hiker, you will want to take a nice long hike on the beautiful blue mountain chain that lines Australia and gives it her character along with the Outback.
In conclusion, after you land, have a rest from the jetlag, and of course find a cheap hotel Sydney you will find so many free things to do that you will be too happy and exhausted to find a way to spend your money!

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