Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Friendly Cottages In The UK Take Your Pet On Holiday

Britain is a nation of dog-lovers, that much has always been clear. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, there are over 8 million dogs in the UK and approximately 23% of all British households own at least one. A recent survey conducted by found that a staggering 47% of us admit to missing our dogs more than we miss our family members when we’re on holiday. That’s nearly half of all dog owners! It really is testament to the love that we feel for our pets.

So why do so many people leave their pets at home whilst travelling the UK?

Though a flight abroad might be strictly off the cards, there’s absolutely nothing stopping pet-owners from taking their dogs with them on domestic holidays. In fact, there are thousands of dog-friendly holiday cottages located throughout the country. They’re all self catering, so all that you need to do is provide prior notification of the amount of animals you plan to bring with you. Some of these cottages charge extra for dogs and some don’t. Some of them are close to dog-friendly pubs and towns and some of them are a little more isolated. Just as not all holiday-makers are looking for a social trip, filled with pub visits and trips to the ice-cream van – not all dogs like to be around a lot of new faces.

It is safe to assume that a dog-friendly cottage will also be a suitable location for a cat. Do take the time to check with your holiday company or cottage owners first, though. It is somebody else’s property that you’re using and such gestures are polite, even if they aren’t always completely necessary.

Again, when it comes to dogs – please be considerate. Just because it’s okay to take them with you on your holiday, doesn’t mean you can allow them to misbehave in the countryside. Never let your dog chase sheep or cows and always, always pick up their mess. There is simply no excuse for forgetting either of these rules.

Before taking your pet on holiday, do think about how they might react to the change. The vast majority of animals would love being let loose in a new world, but some more nervous pets might not enjoy travelling or being away from home. Even if your dog or cat seems to be enjoying a trip, travelling is still extremely stressful for most. Remember to give your pet lots of extra love and attention if it seems like they’re struggling to adapt.

It is vital that your pet is healthy both before you travel and on the way home. If your dog or cat is not vaccinated, not wormed or not routinely treated with flea products, it might not be a good idea to take them on holiday. Pets can pick up fleas and worms a lot more easily in an unfamiliar environment and the last thing you want when you’re on holiday is to have to give your cat a flea-treatment. The RSPCA guide to taking a pet on holiday recommends that cats and dogs wear identity collars just in case they get lost and that you always take enough pet food to last your entire stay – especially if you don’t know anything about the area.

Bringing a pet with you on a domestic holiday can be a great idea. The only thing that most people miss when they’re away is their dog or their cat, so holidaying with a pet can actually improve a trip. It must be done responsibly though – for your sake and for the sake of your pet.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox is both a vet and the owner of three highland terriers. He uses Stillwell’s Cottages Direct in order to find pet friendly holiday cottages in the UK.

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