Friday, 10 May 2013

Manila - Mesmerising as Ever

The city of Manila is well known for its amazing contrasts and these contrasts make it one of the most coveted destinations in Asia. Frown upon its chaos or just find poetry in it, call it a highly populated city or just be polite to call it multicultural, Manila the capital of Philippines never allows you to be tight lipped. Flights arriving in Manila remain filled with wanderers who love to stroll along its least explored alleys.

Here we are enlisting some of the interesting aspects of Manila.

Sneak a peek into history:

With some of the heritage rich museums in the city the tourists can get a chance to explore its history. National Museum is one such example where you can get a chance to explore the artworks of renowned artists of Philippines. The museum has 19 branches throughout the country.

Interesting Intramuros:
No discussion of Manila is said to be complete without throwing light on Intramuros. There are several places of tourist interest within the walled city.


This one of the largest Chinatowns in the world is an ideal place to buy Chinese stuff and gorge on scrumptious Chinese delicacies.

Rizal Park:

Rizal Park is commonly referred as Luneta; the allures of Rizal Park are not limited to plants only instead it is home to restaurants, museums, planetariums, jogging treks and Chinese, Japanese and Filipino gardens. A visit to this area is an experience in itself.


If you are on a visit to Manila never miss out a ride on the Jeepneys as these are popular mode of transport in the city.

With various interesting features in its ample treasure trove the city immediately catches the imagination of tourist who keep boarding the flights to Manila for an authentic experience.

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