Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hiking Wales: Fresh Tracks Through History

Not many places are blessed with rich history and beautiful sites but wales coastal path has both in abundance. This beautiful place everything which could bring it list of best destinations of world. The beautiful coast and historical places make it a must visit destination

Wales has earned great reputation among the tourists. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Wales. Wales have always been on list of best destinations and many people dream to visit wales coast path.

A window to history

One way of explaining wales coast path would be a long trail through an open-air museum.  700-year-old Aberystwyth Castle which has only ruins of three-story left, speaks about the rich history of the place. Hunch a stone’s throw from the path as my wife, Sandy, and I shoulder our packs for our first day of hiking. King Edwards is famous for making fortress and this fortress is one of many castles built by him during his campaign against the Welsh. There are numerous sites which would take you back in the time “Standing Stones” on the hills above Llwyngwril is another such place which reminds us of old civilization . Dark lichen covers the multiton rock slabs, some up to six feet high. If you are an admirer of knowing about the past then there is 3,000-year-old monument which is smaller than Stonehenge, but strikes its viewer more powerfully, perhaps because here there are only cows, not crowds.  While exploring wales coast path one must see Harlech Castle, four-story fortification atop a 200-foot-high rock spur. It is believed that in the 13th century, it took 1,000 craftsmen to build the castle. That is why it’s part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Proceed further on wales coastal path you will be welcomed by the walkway where longbows once defended the keep, I tread stones worn smooth by centuries of footsteps. For people who love historical places cannot ignore wales coast path. It is, without any doubt one of the best destinations to visit

Embrace the coast

wales coast path is not only a historical place but also have a beautiful coasts. Aberdovey is one of many which is length of almost four-miles. And you would not want to miss the sight of waves swallow the beach during high tides. Like all other coasts the water level increases and decreases during different times of day. wales costal path  has a mesmerizing effect on its viewer, the calm and peaceful environment and noise of water as it approaches the coast and hit stones gives an impression as you are somewhere out of this world. If you are visiting wales costal path first time then you may at first feel, boiling combers pin you against a bulwark of smooth, fist-size rocks. But as the water recedes (the tidal change here is 20 feet), the beach broadens with each step until you find yourself walking on a wide swath of golden sand marked only with seaweed and our own tracks. On reaching wales costal path you may come across a flock of jet-black cormorants that rises in squadrons each time you grow close. If you are planning to visit wales costal path then make sure you have an extra time for beachcombing.

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