Thursday, 5 July 2012

Make Merry at Montego Bay

MoBay or Montego Bay is a great place to visit in Jamaica. Why not plan a travel to this picturesque locale by checking out these travel tips first.

Montego Bay Travel Tips:

When can one visit Montego Bay?

Book your Cheap Flights to Montego Bay from mid –April to mid December. Christmas and Easter are the peak seasons in Montego Bay.

Getting around Montego Bay:
  1. Local buses, minicabs a, route taxis and private taxis are the cheap options for going around Montego Bay. 
  2. Get a private taxi as hotel taxis tend to charge double.
  3. A list of certified JUTA taxi fares is posted at the airport.
  4. Never get into unmarked cars.
  5. Get the rate fixed if the taxi is not metered.
  6. Book a tour van for long drives
Money Exchange at Montego Bay:

National Commercial Bank has branches at the airport and Montego Freeport shopping Center. Pelican restaurant has some exchange counters.

Packing for Montego Bay Travel:

.Packing for your flights to Montego Bay is going to be fun. Put in a lot of light summer clothes along with hats, sun glasses, and suntan lotion. Swimsuits and aqua shoes are a must for this beach vacation. Underwater cameras and photo equipment also come handy. Ladies can pack bikinis, swim suits, summer dresses, short sleeved or sleeveless shirts and trousers with sandal. Guys can go in for swimming trunks, shorts, vests and T-shirts with good walking shoes.

Hotels and Restaurants in Montego Bay:

Most restaurants serve drinks. Try the Pier One restaurant for best seafood and do not miss sipping the famous Pina Colada

Shopping in Montego Bay:

Coffee, Spices, T-shirts, Souvenirs, summer dresses, Pina Colada, and more –this is what Montego Bay has for you. Shop for these stuffs at Sona, New Majesty or Tropical Treasures .some hotels even organize shopping shuttles to cater to tourist on cheap tickets to Montego Bay.

Nightlife in Montego Bay:

Montego Bay is famous for its street-fests. Wacky Wednesday is a jamboree that goes on from 1 am to mid morning on Wednesdays in between Hip, Strip and town. Reggae sun fest happens for a week at Montego Bay and is the best music festival ever.

Try the Margueritaville dance club which is located on water and this is where you can dance till dawn. Pier One is great for live acts while Coral Cliff casino on Gloucester Avenue is great for fun and games.

Health & Safety Tips for Montego Bay:

Montego Bay is a great place but don’t end up losing all the money you saved from your cheap tickets.

  1. Be cautious about your belongings.
  2. Beware of thieves, pickpockets and hustlers.
  3. Montego Bay has high incidence of crime and sexual assaults on tourists. 
  4. Beware of sunburn
  5. Drink bottled water lest you get traveler’s diarrhea.
  6. Avoid late hours and stay in groups
  7. Beware of peddlers and drug-pushers.
Montego Bay is a marvelous locale for both a serene holiday and frolicking fun. So make the most of this merry place by checking out the best airfares from Fare Buzz.

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