Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Best Venues to dine in Bangalore

If you are traveling to Bangalore then you can start scouring the internet for cheap tickets to Bangalore in advance. Prior planning can help you get the best airfares or cheap plane fares which can enable you to enjoy your travel fully.

Once you arrive in Bangalore availing the cheap flights to Bangalore, you can visit the restaurants listed below to enjoy a top notch dining experience.


This restaurant is located within the premises of the luxurious Leela Palace Hotel and offers a wide range of Indian cuisine from different parts of South India. The gravies and spicy sea food varieties are definitely worth trying here. This popular restaurant in Bangalore is open for both lunch and dinner.

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs

For a fine blend of north Indian and English cuisine, you can visit the aforesaid eatery in Bangalore. The food is cooked here in the traditional dum phukt style. The kebabs and biriyani served here are simply YUMMY.


One of the most popular eateries in Bangalore, Samarkand offers lip smacking Afghani cuisine. Visitors can watch the way in which food is prepared in the open kitchen of the restaurant.

Shiro Restaurant

Shiro welcomes visitors with its delicious cocktails and dazzling interiors. You can enjoy your meals here in a nicely decorated setting replete with beautiful sculptures, red lanterns, attractive furnishings and floating candles. You can also choose from different types of beverages in the lounge bar located within the restaurant premises.


Lovers of sea food can head straight to Karavalli in Bangalore. Here, fresh sea food is served on the banana leaf. With its fine interiors and fresh offerings, this place within the Taj gateway Hotel premises will not disappoint.

Mainland China

If you are craving for authentic Chinese food, then you can visit Mainland China to satisfy your desires in Bangalore. This restaurant offers an array of delicious Chinese delicacies in a beautiful setting.

All this and more places as mentioned below can be visited during your Bangalore or South India holidays if you have been able to save some extra bucks by booking the cheap flights to Bangalore.


Party lovers prefer to host warm get-togethers in this venue. Some of the dishes that can be sampled here include kababs, grilled chicken, mutton kheema dosas, Chicken Tikka Masala and shawarma.


One of the oldest eateries in Bangalore, this place can be visited to enjoy a sumptuous South Indian breakfast. You can taste lip smacking recipes such as masala dosa, rava idli, ice cream and fruit salad in this place.

Little Italy

Situated near the Forum Mall, Koramangala, this place boasts of a long list of satisfied customers owing to its high quality offerings and friendly service. As the name itself denotes, this restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine in Bangalore.

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