Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the second largest city in UAE lures visitors from all parts of the world with its interesting attractions and activities such as museums, parks, shopping malls and archaeological sites. By booking your cheap airline flights or cheap tickets to Abu Dhabi in advance, you can enjoy an affordable Abu Dhabi travel.

Abu Dhabi has become synonymous with glamor, luxury, and five star accommodation and style which is the reason why many new brands of restaurants are making their way here. The city offers diverse options for indulgence starting from the cafes, family restaurants, luxurious ones to the home grown establishments. International airlines such as Aer Lingus, Midwest Airlines and WestJet Airlines fly to Abu Dhabi from important locations around the world. Once you arrive in Abu Dhabi using the cheap flights to Abu Dhabi, you can dine at any one of the following restaurants to enjoy a great culinary experience.


Yotto is a Japanese restaurant at the Yas Marina & Yacht Club. It offers a homely and casual ambience and a range of food options and desserts to suit every taste. The Japanese classics served here are authentic and should not be missed especially if you are a lover of Japanese cuisine.

2. Sofra Bld

You can visit dining venues such as Sofra Bld to sample fine international cuisine during your Abu Dhabi trip. This restaurant serves Chinese, Lebanese, British, Indian, Emirati and other cuisines on the same plate. Their meat and fresh sea food dishes and Lebanese salads will leave you asking for more!

3. Bord Eau

Bord Eau is a nice French restaurant that is popular for its friendly customer service and warm ambience apart from its delicious dishes. The rich chandeliers and ornate interiors make this place one of the most romantic venues in Abu Dhabi.  The main courses and starters that are served here are segregated into four categories and are changed continuously to entice more visitors.

4. Bice

If you have a penchant for Italian recipes, then you can visit the aforesaid restaurant to satisfy your desire. Beef carpaccio, ham dishes and the breads with interesting dips that are served here taste awesome and are definitely worth a try in this place.

5. Chamas

This restaurant with its lively atmosphere, live band and salad bar is a hit among the locals as well as tourists. This venue is always abuzz with activity.  There’s no fixed menu at this place and you can order for food by signaling to the staff based on your hunger or needs.

Flights to Abu Dhabi are available in plenty and you can save money on your travel expenses by planning your travel in advance and splurge the saved money in trying out different cuisines at some of the best restaurants of Abu Dhabi.

To know more about the process of making your airline flight reservations or booking your cheap flights to Abu Dhabi you can or take up research online and book the tickets well in advance. Advance planning can help you to cut down your travel costs and enjoy a comfortable and memorable holiday in Abu Dhabi.

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