Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Toronto - A Lively City

Any city is known by its culture. Culture is such a thing that shapes the character of a city. Same goes with Toronto. When I came to know that I have to visit Toronto on a business trip, I decided to make the most of it. Since culture has been an interesting facet of any city, I decided to know more about the culture of the place and its impact on the city as a whole. I started looking for best airfares for the city. I also came to know that many travel agencies offer cheap airfares to the city. I instructed by travel department to glean more information about various flights to Toronto like British Airways, Canada Airlines and many more so that I can choose the best out of them.

By the time my travel arrangements came into order, I started collecting more information about the city and its culture. A city oozes with animation with a strong backing of culture. Creative forces in the city contribute a lot in its shaping and reshaping. A feeling of belongingness is enjoyed by people who stay here and this sense of place comes from the culture of the city. The visitors who come to this city for the first time can feel the attraction of the place. These days many cheap flights to Toronto are available bringing large number of visitors to the city. 

The city is known for its diversity and a wide spectrum of cultural resources make the place worth visiting. As I came to know about these rich resources, I decided to delve more into the information for the same. The city organizes more than 70 film festivals, globally prominent symphony, organizations offering performing arts, ballet, opera companies, art galleries, museums and many more such culturally renowned activities. Since I am quite fond of ballet and operas, I decided that I will definitely experience this art form in the city.

CN Tower

Moreover, I came to know that there are more than 10 museums that are owned by the city displaying about 147,000 artifacts. Their collections also include archaeological specimens. The city’s every nook and corner is dotted with public art works and monuments. One can get an idea about the artistic bent of mind of cities public. Besides these cultural resources, the city also organizes a wide array of cultural activities and events that shows the interest of the citizens in art and culture.

The city also organizes cultural events for the tourists coming to the city like Winterlicious, Cavalcade of Lights Festival, Nuit Blanche and many such events. These festivals allow the visitors coming to the city a glimpse into their rich culture. In 2010, the city organized more than 750 festivals. The culture not only reflects the character of the city but also creates jobs for its citizens.

My travel department colleagues told me that they have booked me cheap tickets to Toronto and with that I was totally set for my visit.

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