Monday, 11 June 2012

Events to Enjoy in the Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Islands remains a top choice as the best diving holiday destination of the world. With cheap airline flights to Grand Cayman Islands, you can experience the best ever island holiday in the Caribbean.  The fantastic scuba-diving and snorkeling, the Rum Point and the English residents are what I can recall about this spectacular island.

Best Culinary Events- Cayman Culinary Month and Cayman Cookout

With a superb location, the hotels and resorts of Grand Cayman Islands offers endless amenities and unparalleled services including gourmet cafes, private pools, yoga, fitness centers, kayaking and bicycling on the private beaches, and a concierge service to provide assistance to the guests, these resorts offer world class services. Adding to that is the locals Cayman Cookout that will more than satiate your taste buds. With majority of the International airlines offering heavy discounts on flights to Grand Cayman Islands, you are sure to have a gala time and indulge in some great culinary delights especially if you are traveling in the months of January and February. Buzzing with activities, you will find famous chefs, spirit blenders, wine experts and more in the event.

Enjoy the Casual Beachside Dining during the Culinary Months

Rightly called the culinary capital of the Caribbean, I enjoyed discovering the 150 restaurants- that included the popular international ones as well. I loved the local diners the most as they served true local flavors – fresh and succulent. You can also go for the sunset diners to detailed and elaborate banquet dinners. Taking part in culinary events like the Taste of Cayman or the Cayman Cookout would be loads of fun for you. I plan to take cheap flights to Grand Cayman Islands in the month of January or February.

Enjoy the Batabano Carnival in April

I had heard so much about this carnival that I wanted to feel the fun and festivity of the entire event. I wanted to visit and thus made my plans while booking my cheap airline flights to Grand Cayman Islands. Extremely cultural in nature, the entire event is vibrant and infectious and you will simply love. The colorful parades, dancing and music and the rhythm of calypso, soca ad the drums will fill the entire island with electrifying energy. The Masquerading Bands, elaborate costumes and colorful floats make the environment absolutely charming.

Enjoy the Under Water Film Festival

Cheap flights to Grand Cayman Islands offer you the chance to be a part of this amazing event. One of its kinds, this film festival is a treat for underwater cinematographers, divers and photographers. Extremely fun-filled, you will get the chance to dine and dive too! You can also be a part of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame that will recognize the newest talents of the field. Be here in November and enjoy these unbelievable events. It is best to book the cheap tickets to Grand Cayman Islands early to ensure the best deals and discounts.

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