Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Discover Intriguing City of Manila

Nestled on the eastern shores of the Manila Bay, the city of Manila is the majestic capital of the Philippines and is of course one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the region. The city offers a blend of activities, from sightseeing and beach activities to shopping, tasting delicious dishes and enjoying a scintillating nightlife.

Leaving footprints on the warm sands, shopping for a fashionable party wear, tasting some exotic seafood at a top notch restaurant are a few memories you can cherish if you have been to Manila. Nestled on the eastern shores of Manila Bay, Manila city is the capital of the Philippines and one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the region. This vast city is expanding each day, including the number of flights to Manila and their cheap flight deals! Within the precincts of the city, tourists not only spot the bustling commerce and industries, but also some of the most historically and culturally significant iconic landmarks.

The increasing number of cheap airfares obtainable to Manila indicates that within a short span of the time, the city has received its undue tourist importance. It is one of those cities that never run out of attractions. So, from multiple locations on the globe, one can easily buy cheap plane tickets to Manila and experience a unique freshness in the city. Attracting over a million tourists each year, Manila is not only a tourist hub, but also inherits one of the busiest ports in the world- The Port of Manila.

Sightseeing Around Multifaceted Manila City

Apart from the beautiful skyline and growing industries in the city, cheap airfare tickets to Manila also take visitors into the land of entertainment and fun. There are a number of attractions in the city, of course along with the excellent and unmatched beach adventures. Major tourist destinations include the Mendiola, the Golden Empire Tower, and museums such as the National Museum of the Philippines, Intramuros as well as the Manila Zoo, Santa Cruz, City Chinatown, Ermita and Malate.

The Plaza San Luis and the Rizal Shrine are also noted places of interest in Manila. There are a number of parks and gardens along with some magnificent fine dining restaurants serving some of the most delicious dishes of the region. All one needs is to book cheap flights to Manila and the rest is taken care of. The arts and culture of the city is also notable for it showcases a beautiful blend and acceptance of several cultures within its walls.

Thrills in the Adventurous City of Manila

Tourists who buy cheap tickets to Manila need not necessarily enjoy sightseeing and beach activities; there are a number of other pleasurable opportunities such as the scintillating nightlife and fantastic shopping avenues. Buy cheap airfares and enjoy one of the region’s most thrilling nightlife at Malate and Ermita and also Intramuros. The areas of Divisoria and Quiapo are most famous for shopaholics. Being a popular tourist destination, Manila showcases a wide range of hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars, clubs, cafes as well as art and antique shops. Fortunately, tourists can avail of some cheap flights to Manila and enjoy all of this!

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