Friday, 19 August 2011

San Francisco

San Francisco is the cultural and financial centre of America. It is beaming with life and energy as the city encourages tourism to a great extent. Though the city is small, you will find big attractions to explore in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the most lively and populous city in California in the United States of America.  Situated on the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula it possesses sweet summer and a gentle winter. The temperature is breezy throughout the year due to the Pacific Ocean currents. Due to its foggy climate, San Francisco is known as ‘Baghdad by the Bay’. The budding economic hub of America is most famous for its renowned educational institutions due to which San Francisco is among the top most producing city in the world.

San Francisco is one of the best vacation spots in the world as suggested by many travel gurus. Each tourist attraction in the city is worth a visit from dynamic mix of architecture to demure Victorian landmarks. The city surely knows how to have fun and let your hair down, that’s the reason for getting the name ‘The city that knows how’. So fly to San Francisco as you will get cheap flight deals to see the most beautiful place in the whole of America. Many tourists’ board flights to San Francisco during the summer season as number of cheap international flights are offering cheap flight deals.

Family Fun Time
Spend a whole week in San Francisco as it is an ideal destination for a family get- together. Many airlines offer cheap flights to San Francisco at great discounts if you are travelling with your family. Also get cheap domestic flights during festive season but make sure you book in advance to avail the offer.

Paris of the East

Visit the Disney History Museum to know about the life of Walt Disney. The place displays many personal collectibles of Walt Disney. Unravel the mystery behind the man who created the multi-million dollar empire. Another museum that deserves your attention is the Legion of Honour situated just 5 km away from the main city centre. It houses a stunning collection of Art from all over Europe.

Nature’s Lap

If you are a nature lover then don’t miss the incredible sunrise view from the Twin Peaks. Take a trail from Marin Headlands to the Point Bonita Lighthouse to feel the traveller in you.

International Appeal

Major attraction in the city of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. Tourists flock here with cheap tickets to San Francisco just to get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Become a part of the Chinese New Year Parade which starts from China Town and is the largest Chinese event hosted by a foreign country. The city also takes pride in its Gay Parades that it so famously hosts every year.

Sneak Peak into History

The infamous Alcatraz Island is located in the heart of San Francisco as it houses the most dangerous criminals of all time. Buy cheap tickets to San Francisco’s State Prison if you make a booking in advance. And catch a glimpse of its past at the Marrakech Magic Theatre; a two hours performance by the legendary Peter Morrison, who takes you to a world of extraordinary magic and comedy; so go ahead and take your fantasy flight to San Francisco.

So what are you waiting for, get your bags packed. If you need to know anything about the city, then get a full review of the city with the help of travel experts at Fare Buzz. Don’t forget to check out cheap ticket on airline to San Francisco to save some money and get your hands on best cheap flight deals.


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